ERCHA-NRCHA Winter Classic 2019

Markus Schopfer and Peptos Lil Bingo Markus Schopfer and Peptos Lil Bingo Photo by Dead or Alive
February 21, 2019

The prestigious horse fair of Roma-Cavalli, held in Rome from the 15th to the 17th february,  was the setting for the first working cow horse show, organised by the European Reined Cow Horse Association: the Winter Classic show 2019.

The competitions were organized over three different days, in the well-equipped pavilion 4, with a nice arena, fully dedicated to cow-horses and reining, under the careful judgment of the NRCHA Judge Enrico Giarretta, assisted as a scribe by NRHA judge Lara Maiocchi.
The first trial was the Novice Horse Open, which saw the domination of the trainer of Rome, Andrea Santini, who presented King Smokie Doc, belonging to Braghetta Granatelli. The pair marked 68 in rein work and 71 in the fence work, for a total composite score of 139.
In the Box-Drive-Box category, recently introduced, where the rider have to work the cow on the two short sides of the arena, passing from one to the other along the fence, accompanying the cow itself, Cleo Pugnetti won astride her beautiful and powerful dun mare, She's Smart And Sexy, with a score of 140 (71 RW / 69 Bx).
Michele De Simone, professional trainer from Lazio, won the Open Hackamore riding the LR Dualinheart, owned by Emily Santarelli, with a score of 124.5.
On Saturday morning, other three cow horse classes started at 8.30. Alessia Marchetti riding her GP Smart Queen won the ERCHA Non Pro Limited Bridle, with a score of 138 (69 RW / 69 Bx).
In the Open Two Rein category, the victory went instead to the 'home' trainer Andrea Santini, riding his 2010 stallion Ans Mokie Cat (from Cats Merada x Okie Mokie Merada), a horse he bred, raised and trained himself, and who made his debut in the discipline of the working cow horse in this occasion, after a long and profitable career in Cutting: 134.5 his score (68 rein work / 66.5 fence work).

In the Non Pro Bridle category, Cleo Pugnetti took the lead, still riding Shes Smart N Sexy, scoring good both in rein work and in the fence work: 133 their score.

The Working Cow Horse competitions of the European Reined Cow Horse Association opened the dances in Hall 4, also on the final day of Sunday 17 February.

In the Novice Riders, category dedicated to beginners in the discipline, who perform rein work (or dry work) and Boxing (work with 1 calf on the short side of the arena), Alessia Marchetti was the winner, riding her GP Smart Queen, with which she marked 138.5 (68.5 / 71).
The young Lucrezia Baiocco won the Novice Riders regional, riding her Cg Angel Yak (JPS Yakaty Yak X Ellevi Angel), with a score of 137.5 (67.5 / 770). The same horse and rider combination was also first in the Youth Novice Riders division, with score 125.
The Open Bridle, held class-in-class with the Limited Open, saw the victory of the proven combination of the Super professional trainer Markus Schopfer and his faithful Peptos Lil Bingo (Peptoboonsmal x Conchita Gay Bingo): the pair, the most titled of the European International Cow Horse panorama, marked 143 (71/72), in a test that highlighted the undeniable athletic skills of this 17 year old stallion, and the great feeling with his rider and owner.
In the Limited Open, Mattia Maurizi, trainer of Marche, took the lead on the saddle of Shes Smart N Sexy, powerful red dun mare, belonging to Cleo Pugnetti: the pair scored a composite score of 138.5 (69.5 / 69).