AMERICANA 2019: ERCHA Futurity & Nations Cup - THE WRAP-UP

Markus Schopfer & Oh Cay MC Markus Schopfer & Oh Cay MC Photos courtesy of IHP Media Partner Dead or Alive Photo / AMERICANA 2019 Press Office

Americana 2019 proves The ‘Cow Horse’ is a Huge Success!

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Who else can judge the show better than the … judges? Renowned NRCHA Judges Bobby Ingersoll and Allen Mitchels sum it up!
“This one will be one of the trips that I’ll never forget,” said Ingersoll. “The show was great, there were so many people, and even if we had bad weather for two days, the stands were full and the crowd so excited. Technically speaking, I saw amazing cutting horses, a big part of them can compete and be competitive all over the world including in the U.S. Regarding the reined cow horse, which is my big love, passion, and work since a very very long time; I saw big improvements and nice horses. If I have to give the riders advice, I would suggest working more on the fence work; their horses are perfectly set for the rein work and for the herd work, they just have to add some more knowledge down the fence. It takes time to understand it, and it takes time to have a really broken horse ready to run down the fence correctly. But they are all in the right way!”
Just as enthusiastic was Mitchels: “The cow horse and the reining both, have hugely grown in Europe,” he said. “The techniques, the quality of the horses, the skills of the riders have really improved a lot in the last couple of years. This is a great event to promote our sport, the tickets for the weekend night shows were sold out and that’s huge. The people that are here are not only horse owners, but they are also coming just because they love horses and that means that they are all potential customers for our industry.”
€17.000-added ERCHA/NRCHA Open FuturityERCHA/NRCHA Open Futurity
Schopfer & Oh Cay MC Steal the Show

Hosted during the amazing AMERICANA 2019, the ERCHA/NRCHA Futurity open to 3 and 4-year-old horses was simply amazing. Closing the Open division in front of a full house that counted over 5,000 fans, was the fence work. With an amazing ride, Markus Schopfer riding Oh Cay MC, a 2015 Quarter Horse stallion by $29+ Million Sire Metallic Cat out of Oh Cay Meriah owned by Silverstone Ranch closed with a final 874.5 total score. The pair had closed with a composite score go round of 655.5 and their final cow work score, a 219, granted them the prestigious title.
“This is a very special horse, and Markus found him for us at the last NRCHA Futurity in the U.S.,” said Michaela Sykorova, owner of Silverstone Ranch. “As soon as he got to Europe the reins passed on to Markus and he has been in training with him since. He’s a really nice horse and he also has a great conformation which makes us think that he’ll be a great stallion in the future. It was a very emotional final and they both handled it great. They had a cow changed and it took a while to have a new cow in, but anyway, the horse was super calm and Markus did a great job managing the situation. Once again it was confirmed that our choice in trusting him was a great one! The program is to leave him with Markus for at least the next two years, the project is to make a bridle horse out of him. It’s a long program, and it takes time, but we think this is the right horse that can become a really nice bridle horse under Markus’ guide.”
Just as emotional was the Italian professional. “This is truly an exceptional horse and winning this title with him means a lot to me,” he said. “He’s been great for me since I got him and once again proved it to me tonight. As Michaela mentioned, our goal is to make a bridle horse out of him and then breed him. For the rest of the season we will probably think about some autumn shows but the main thing is to keep him healthy and fresh.”
Taking the Reserve Championship was Giovanni Campanaro riding Cute Little Tassa (Tassas Aristocrat x Cute And Cash), a 2015 Quarter Horse mare owned by Lotte Sibilla Anoardo. The pair closed with 869.5 total score (composite score go round, 651; final cow work score, 218.5).
In third place was the Limited Open Futurity Champion, Davide Di Giacinto riding Two Timing Cat (WR This Cats Smart x Abbey Roan) a 2015 Quarter Horse mare owned by Lisa Milhoan. Closing with 858.5 total score (composite score go round 642.5; final cow work score 216), Di Giacinto was thrilled with his achievements. “This is my first Futurity and it’s been very emotional,” he said. “I bought this mare three months ago in the States for one of my customers and this show has been fantastic. We’re all having a good time and the win makes it all the more special!”
The Reserve Championship in the Limited Open division went to Pietro Tuberga from Italy riding MR Cody O Lena, a 2015 Quarter Horse gelding by MR Onemore Max out of To Much Powered owned by Marilena Mione. They closed with a score of 641.5 (rein work, 216.5; fence work, 214; herd work 211).
Lorenzo Sivori & Duallanx Mr


€3.000-added Travelin Jonez ERCHA/NRCHA Non Pro Futurity
Duallanx Mr Rides Sivori to the Non Pro Championship

Winning the coveted title was Lorenzo Sivori with his own Duallanx Mr, a 2015 Paint Horse stallion by Dual Marquis Diamond out of HB Luna Lanx. The two closed with a composite score of  839.5 and the posted the highest fence work score…a 221! “I love this horse, I really have to give credit to my trainer Samuele Poli, he rides him and he takes care of everything, I just rode him and had fun,” said a happy Sivori.
Taking the Reserve Non Pro Championship was Eliane Gfeller and CR Rosie The Riveter with a 839.5 score. The duo went on to win the Intermediate Non Pro division. In third place Damiano Avigni and his Purple Faye (Smart Raye Pepto x Oneta Faye). They closed their performance with a 615.5 composite score.
The ERCHA/NRCHA Intermediate Non Pro Futurity saw Eliane Gfeller take the win riding CR Rosie The Riveter (Woody Be Tuff x Gypsy Rose Rey) owned by Kaethi Gfeller with a composite score of 625.5 (rein work 212.5; fence work 209; herd work 204).  “My horse is… phenomenal,” she said. “We only got her four weeks ago and she’s my mum’s horse. We were looking for a horse for her in USA, and after a long time, we finally found her. Christian and Danielle Lybbert trained her and showed her at the 3-year-old Futurity.I didn’t have so much time to ride her, but she’s so lovely. For sure I want to thank my mum for trusting me and for giving me this great opportunity to show her mare, and my trainer Chris Seiler for putting us together in such a short time”
The Reserve Champion was for Lorenzo Sivori of Italy and Duallanx Mr. after closing with a composite score of 618.5 (rein work 213.5; fence work, 196; herd work 209). In third place Damiano Avigni from Italy riding his 2015 Quarter Horse mare Purple Faye(Smart Rey Pepto x Oneta Faye). They closed with a composite score 615.5 (rein work 195; fence work 207.5; herd work, 213).
€1.000- added ERCHA Novice Amateur Futurity
1.     Eliane Gfeller
            riding CR Rosie The Riveter, 2015 Quarter Horse mare
            (Woody Be Tuff x Gypsy Rose Rey)
             owned by Kaethi Gfeller
             score 839.5
       2. Peter Kun (owner)
           RJ Smart Gunpowder, 2105 Quarter Horse gelding
           (Ill Be Smart x RJ Tough Feather)
           score 847
The €9.000-added European Reined Cow Horse Nations Cup: A huge success!

Team Italy Strikes Again in the €7.000-added Nations Cup Team Competition

“The first edition of the Nations Cup was held in 2016 and hosted in Mooslargue Horse Academy”, said Otto De Fazio, ERCHA Vice President.  “At the beginning of 2016, at the first board meeting, we decided to propose some new things to the members and to the discipline also. We wanted to gather different nations in one event, that’s where the idea of Nations Cup come from. We always had 6/7 teams during all the editions with different nations coming. Being at Americana is great for everybody, it’s one of the most awaited fairs in Europe, there’s a lot of audience which is great for promoting the discipline and the riders love it!
We are having a great edition this year, with more than 30 horses in the Futurity classes, and also in the other classes the numbers have grown.”

From the winning Team:
Samuele Poli Barberis from Italy riding his own Highbrow Fletch, (1.6 Million Dollar Sire Royal Fletch x of Lil Sally Cat):
“It’s been a wonderful experience, shared with a wonderful team. We always supported each other, and it was really emotional for all of us. My horse was super nice from the first day. We marked a 219 in the herd work and this morning we topped the rein work class with a 223 score.
For the third year in a row, this horse has given me the opportunity to compete in this event and always with great results. In the 2018 ERCHA Nations Cup edition, hosted in Mooslargue, we won both the team and the individual gold medals, and in the 2017 edition of Americana we won the Open Bridle. I’m sure he will be a great sire in the upcoming future!”

Alessandro Coppari riding Thaz A Boy, (Smartaz out of Snap And Twist):
“This was definitely one of the most important shows of my life, and I’m really proud to have had the chance to be part of this team with such great riders. I’m really satisfied with this result!
I bought Thaz A Boy six years ago from Alba QH, from then to now he has given me only big satisfaction, he’s really a great horse and I hope we’ll do a lot more together in the future.
We’ll probably go to Verona in November, I like the program and since we also compete in reining classes I think we’ll try the Limited and Intermediate Open classes.


Ricky Bordignon riding Player Cat, (27.8 Million Dollar Sire Smooth As A Cat x Dual Play Shorty) owned by Ilaria Traverso:
“What just happened was really huge… each member of our team gave the best to reach this great result! Competing for your Nation is always a great experience, and it’s even better when at the end you have the chance to hear your national anthem!
The horse I rode [Player Cat], is owned by Ilaria Traverso, was bred and raised at Ongaresca, so it’s a 100% ‘made in Italy’ horse. He’s an incredible horse, he’s a cutter turned into a working cow horse; big heart, big talent. He’s still a little green in this discipline, but he gets better and better at every show we go, so I’m sure he’ll do great things.
Next year Ilaria will show him a little bit more (even if she still doesn’t know it). We need to work on some details, but he’s becoming a solid horse in all the maneuvers.”

Markus Schopfer riding Peptos Lil Bingo (26+ Million Dollar Sire Peptoboonsmal x Conchita Gay Bingo):
“There’s only one word with which I can describe our team: fantastic! We had fun together, we got ready and we prepared this team since the Pre Futurity show,  and that was probably one of our strengths. The boys were amazing and they all committed themselves to the maximum, it was really emotional and now… we’re all going to the saloon to celebrate our winning! No words are needed to introduce my horse — he’s the perfect teammate, always solid, always smooth and ready to go!”

2019 €2.000-added Nations Cup Team Standings
1.     Italy 1971 points
2.     Switzerland 1924.5 points
3.     Germany 1899.5 points
4.     Czech Republic 1877 points
5.     Austria 1838.5 points
6.     France 1811 points
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€2.000-added ERCHA/NRCHA Open Bridle
Philipp Haug from Germany, riding Snapper Lil Bingo, 2011 Quarter Horse gelding (Peptos Lil Bingo x Snappers Victoria) owned by Kirsten Kunkel, scored a 436.5 (rein work, 212; fence work 224.5) for the win. “It’s a big thing being here, it’s one of the most important shows for us, it’s one of our major events,” said Haugg. “I won my first cow horse competition here in Americana in 2000 and since then there was no Americana without me. Snapper Lil Bingo is 8-years-old now, the owner bought him four years ago here at Americana, so it’s his third time here. He’s a super minded horse, he’s got all the ability to work the cow and he’s so easy to handle. At home I just try to keep him healthy, happy and fresh, we work on different things, we work some cows, we work on reining maneuvers and we also do a lot of trail riding. Since he’s becoming more solid and more comfortable at the shows, next year probably the owner will show him a little bit more.”
Tying for second place was Joschka Werdermann from Germany (owner)
riding Rock Me Graygun, 2011 Quarter Horse mare (Nu Tivio Chex x Two Acres)
score 421 (rein work, 211; fence work 210) and Samuele Poli Barberis Italy (owner)
riding Highbrow Fletch, 2009 Quarter Horse stallion (Royal Fletch x Lil Sally Cat)
score 421 (rein work, 220.5; fence work 200.5)
€500-added ERCHA/NRCHA Limited Open Bridle
Joschka Werdermann from Germany (owner) took the win riding Rock Me Graygun, a 2011 Quarter Horse mare (Nu Tivio Chex x Two Acres) with a score 421 (rein work, 211; fence work 210).“I bought and trained her for the last four years and since last year we’ve been competing in the cow horse classes too,” said Wedermann. “This was our first Americana, our first big cow horse show and she just did great!”
In second place was Maik Bartmann of Germany riding Verlander, a 2011 Quarter Horse gelding by Wimpys Little Step out of Melodys Gi Jane owned by Yvonne Bonda. They scored a
420.5 (rein work, 215; fence work 205.5)
€500-added ERCHA/NRCHA Non Pro Bridle
The winners were Roubicek from the Czech Republic and his own  This Cats Light, a 2008 Quarter Horse stallion (WR This Cats Smart x Grays Missylight). “I’ve been showing in cow horse events for the past five years and this is my first Americana edition and I didn't expect we could make that amazing result,” said the rider who closed with a composite score of 429.5 (rein work, 211.5; fence work 218). “This Cats Light is an extraordinary horse and I feel so lucky that Silverstone Ranch and Mrs. Sykorova decided to sell him to me. Americana is an amazing event with a great organization and great people.”
Leni Bartmann and Smart Little Theo took second place honors with a composite score of 428 (rein work, 217; fence work 211).
€500 - added ERCHA/NRCHA Hackamore Open 5-year-old & Under
Riding their way to first place were Markus Schopfer and Oh Cay MC with a composite score of 437.5 (rein work, 221; fence work 216.5). In second place, Joakim Pettersson riding Nic It Cowboy, a 2104 Quarter Horse stallion By Nic It In The Buc out of Miss Keyhole Cowboy owned by Helena Bråtner. The duo closed with a composite score of 399 (rein work, 210; fence work, 198).
€500 - added ERCHA/NRCHA Two Rein Open
It was a win for Christoph Seiler of Switzerland who rode his Magic Nu Cash (Chics Magic Potion x Tuf Little Chex), a 2012 Quarter Horse stallion to a composite score of 433 (rein work, 216.5 ; fence work, 216.5). “I’ve been coming to Americana since… forever,” said Seiler with a smile. “It’s a great show and it’s a lot of fun. My horse is very special to me because I bred and trained him; he’s definitely a ‘homemade horse.’ Markus [Schopfer] showed him at the 2016 ERCHA/NRCHA Futurity since I broke my shoulder, and they won it.” In second place was Maik Bartmann riding Yvonne Bonda’s Verlander. The pair closed with a 416 composite (rein work, 212.5; fence work, 203.5).
€500 - added ERCHA/NRCHA Two Rein Non Pro
Hannes Winkler and his own Cattin Downtown, a 2013 Quarter Horse gelding by $27+ Million Dollar Sire Smooth As A Cat out of Zacks Fifth Avenue took the win with a composite score of 397 (rein work, 195; fence work, 202). “We are really happy to be here and first of all I want to thank ERCHA because we had a great show,” he said. “We enjoyed the Nations Cup and since I’m from Austria —and we only have four cow horse riders in our country, —we decided to put the team together and run for our country, and that was an amazing experience! A lot of nice people and a lot of fun. I bought Cattin Downtown as a yearling, and even though at a first sight he doesn’t look very spectacular, he’s absolutely is! He’s a very special horse, with a big heart and big cow horse maneuvers.” In second place was Olaf Bockstaller riding HS High Five,  a 2014 Quarter Horse gelding
(Chexs N Five x HS Surprise Marlena) owned by Olaf und Stefanie Bockstaller und Steidl. They closed with a composite score of 389.5 (rein work, 202; fence work, 187.5).
€500 - added ERCHA Non-Pro Limited Bridle
Leni Bartmann and her own Smart Little Theo, a 2008 Paint Horse gelding (Smart Flying Colors x Honey Be Smart) scored a 432.5 (rein work, 215.5; fence work 217) for the win! “Theo is a really important horse for me since I started to show in cow horse classes with him. This is our third Americana edition together and winning here is something special,” said the youngest rider of the competition. “For sure we’ll continue to show in the next upcoming cow horse events and I want to thank my dad and my trainer [professional Maik Bartman], my mum and the whole family, without them nothing of this could be possible”. In second place was Jiri Roubicek with his This Cats Light with a composite 431.5 (rein work, 210; fence work 221.5).
€500 - added ERCHA Novice Rider
1.     Marion Janousch (owner)
             riding Tuckerlinas Art, 2007 Quarter Horse mare
             (Linas Little Fury x Tuckers White Snip)
              score 425.5 (rein work, 214.5; fence work 211)
2.     Hannes Winkler (owner)
            riding PRF One Time Thunder, 2012 Quarter Horse stallion
            (One Time Pepto x PRF Shesa Sterling)
             score 420 (rein work, 204; fence work 216)
€500 - added ERCHA Box Drive Box
1.     Eliane Gfeller (owner) riding Walla Dundee Whiz, 2007 Quarter Horse gelding (Topsail Whiz x Shiney Walla Wanda): score 432.5
            2.     Bartmann Leni (owner) riding
            Smart Little Theo 2008 Paint Horse gelding (Smart Flying Colors x Honey Be Smart): score 418.5
ERCHA €500-added Open Top Five
1.     Markus Schopfer and Peptos Lil Bingo - 149 score
2.     Samuele Poli Barberis and Highbrow Fletch – 147.5 score
3.     Philipp Haug and Snapper Lil Bingo - 144 score
4.     Joschka Werdermann and Rock Me Graygun - 140 score
5.     Nadine Hartmann and Oleos Holi Gold – 137.5 score
€500 - added ERCHA Cow Horse Youth
1.     Bartmann Leni (owner) riding
      Smart Little Theo 2008 Paint Horse gelding
      (Smart Flying Colors x Honey Be Smart)
       composite score 438.5
2.     Clara Marie Heinen (owner) riding
      MCR Highgenuineoakey, 2009 Appaloosa mare
      (High Limit x Genuine Oakey)
      composite score 423

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