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The European Reined Cow Horse Association (ERCHA) Closed the Short But Intense Show Season With the ERCHA/NRCHA Futurity and Autumn Show

Giovanni Campanaro riding Cap Bet Aristo Cat Giovanni Campanaro riding Cap Bet Aristo Cat Photo by IHP Media Partner Dead or Alive Photo
October 07, 2020

A great season finale for ERCHA with the Futurity & Autumn Show held in Travagliato, Italy.

It was a One Man Show for Giovanni Campanaro who took the $15,000-added ERCHA/NRCHA OKAMI Ranch Open Futurity title riding Cap Bet Aristo Cat, tied for the Reserve Championship with Shesa Genuinelypepto and qualified six horses for the Finals!
The spotlight was on Italian Professional Giovanni Campanaro on Sunday afternoon in Travagliato, Italy, where the European Reined Cow Horse (ERCHA)/National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) Cow Work Futurity Finals were held.

Open to 3-and -4-year-old horses shown two-handed in a snaffle-bit or hackamore, and with six horses qualified for the Open Finals, Campanaro had little time to think, but enough to focus on bringing home the Championship, Co-Reserve Championship, as well as fourth, fifth, sixth, and tie-seventh place.

With Cap Bet Aristo Cat (Playful Bet x Smart Swingin Babe) owned by Western Ranch 20 13 between the reins, the Italian professional closed the cow work with a 148, which brought his total composite score to a 583. The duo had finished off on in second place on Saturday with a 435 composite (reined work 141.5; fence work 147; herd work 146.5). “My horse is a 4-year-old stallion by Playful Bet. He came back to my program about three months ago,” said Campanaro. “I broke him as a 2-year-old and managed him until he was three then, just before leaving for the United States where I went to Corey Cushing’s, I sold him. He was shown at last year’s AMERICANA Futurity after which he didn't do anything until just recently when, together with the owner, we decided to put him back in training. Honestly, we did not expect this great result because though we knew he was very good horse, but did not expect him to be able to hold-up such a long show with a high level of competition. He was actually perfect from day one! I showed eight horses here at the Futurity: Three 4-year-olds and five 3-year-olds — all different ages and, of course, different management. My training program is more or less the same for all the horses; it differentiates according to each individual horses’ requirements.”

After this show, said Campanaro, he, his team and the horses deserve a little rest. “This year was difficult for several reasons and especially for the 3-year-old horses it was not easy as they had to compete against very strong and talented 4-year-old horses,” he added. “At the same time for the 4-year-olds, who come showed in the Derby just over a month ago, returning into the program for this show was not easy, now it will take at least a month of well-deserved rest.”

A half-a-point behind, tying for reserve honors, were Campanaro aboard Shesa Genuinelypepto (Oaks Lone Pepto x Genuinely Snapper), owned by Loris Paone, and veteran Markus Schopfer riding HipCat (Metallic Cat x Hip Hip Sue Rey) owned by Yvonne Bonda. The first had closed on Saturday in third place with a 433.5 composite (reined work 141.5; fence work 146.5; herd work 145.5), while Schopfer was leading with a 441 (reined work 145.5; fence work 145.5; herd work 145.5). “My horse showed great and once again proved he’s the amazing horse he is,” said Schopfer. “The great blood line running in his veins is true to his athletic ability!”

Federico Fanti & Just Sparkling Kid


Federico Fanti and Just Sparkling Kid (SDP Justice Is Comin x Miss Puro Kid) owned by Ilaria Traverso took the $1,500-added 2020 OKAMI Ranch ERCHA/NRCHA Limited Open Futurity Championship with a total 576.5 after closing the cow work on Sunday with a 147.5 score. The pair was leading the prelims with a 429 composite (reined work 139; fence work 146; herd work, 144) and went on to hold it until the Championship title was theirs! “This is a difficult mare…but not in a negative sense,” said Fanti. “She’s very athletic and always ready to go which, at the end of the day, makes her a champion. She’s always focused and has a lot of cow sense, therefore always there to ‘hook’ the cow. This kind of hurts her in the rein work, because she thinks so far ahead, and that’s the reason we started off a little weak in the first prelim. When she’s in front of a cow she stays right there and puts all her energy into what she’s doing.”
For Fanti – a ‘cutter’ by profession - this second special event of the year, and of his career in the reined cow horse world, is particularly sweet and, he gives credit to two of his mentors: Giovanni Campanaro and Markus Schopfer. “Giovanni and I really get along well together and we look forward to more work on the cow horse scene next year,” he added. “Giovanni and Markus are two legends and have taught me a lot. Giovanni and I are the same age, we met here last year and hit it off immediately.”
Fresh off his win, Fanti added with a smile and determination: “We both work for the same goals and for each other but, above all, we want to win!”

The Reserve Championship in the Limited Open was for French Marine Richard riding Catwoman Peptos (Peptos Lil Bingo x Jamie Handy Cat) owned by Nathalie Thenoz. The duo had scored a composite of 422.5 in the prelims (rein work 134.5; fence work 144.5; herd work 143.5). They closed with a 144.5 in the cow work bringing their composite to a 567.

Claudio Ferrami & SA Ret Hickory N San


Sweeping the $3,000-added 2020 Seiler Quarter Horses ERCHA/NRCHA Non Pro and $500-added Amateur Futurity was Claudio Ferrami and his own SA Ret Hickory N San (Ret Great N San x Hickory Sanote) who took both titles after closing on Saturday with a 427 composite score (rein work 140; herd work 142; fence work 145), and a final 142 in the cow work on Sunday. "The horse was breed by Andrea Sanfelici and the funny fact about him is that I bought him ... twice!” said a thrilled Ferrami. “The first time, after a few months of riding him, since we didn’t have that feeling I was looking for, I sold him to carry on working another mare that I had to stop due to an injury. As I was looking for a substitute to ride and show, among Andrea’s [Sanfelici] choices, there was still SA Ret Hickory N San and so I insisted on buying him back and today this choice paid off! The horse is an 100% ‘Made In Italy’ product, trained by me, and this makes me even more proud of the result.”
Ferrami credits Italian professional Federico Fanti who helps him in the herd work and Andrea Sanfelici in the reining and fence work part. “This horse has enough cow sense to work well in the herd work,” said Fanti. “I had him in training for two years when he was owned by Andrea to work on the cow part and the horse was always a good prospect to work with. He has proven to have the skills to become a 360 degree cow horse. He’s an extremely sensitive horse so he must be ridden by a non-pro as sensitive as Claudio is.”
Andrea Sanfelici added that they always believed in this horse. “He is by my stallion Ret Great N San and one of my mares,” he said. “We knew he could become a good cow horse and he proved us right!

Earning the Reserve Championship in the Non Pro division was Alessandro Tugnoli with his The One Dark Deal (Smart Easy Deal x Miss Mify Olena ). The pair had closed the prelims with the second-highest composite 425.5 (rein work 141, herd work 142, fence work 142.5), and scored a 140 in the cow work finals.
In the Amateur Futurity, reserve honors were for Jean Luc Renaud and Mega Peptos (Peptos Lil Bingo x To Much Powered) who had closed the prelims with a composite 422.5 (rein work 142, herd work 139, fence work 141.5) and a 142.5 in the cow work finals. The duo also took third place honors in the Non Pro division.

Gabriele Poli Barberis rode Purrsuasion

Gabriele Poli Barberis: The rising star of the show
Gabriele Poli Barberis rode Purrsuasion (Meteles Cat x Spooks Twilight) owned by Azienda Agricola Samisa Ranch to the 2020 ERCHA Non Pro Limited Futurity Championship. Born in a true horse family — his father is renowned Italian professional Samuele Poli Barberis, and his mother, Elisa, is the heart of their Samisa Ranch — Gabriele claims that showing in the reined cow horse world was meant to be. Excited about his first Futurity, the 15-year-old who started riding at a very young age, was quick to credit his parents for his success. “I love this discipline because it’s complete and gets the adrenalin going. I love performing and watching…in particular the fence work because it’s the one that implies the most work!” he said. “It’s my first year showing in the special events and showing 3-year-olds. When you ride a finished horse, it’s one thing because they take care of you. With young horses, you need to help them and after that they help you. My dad helped me a lot of course, and at this point of my show career without him it wouldn’t be possible to be here. He helps me a lot and we are very close so everything comes naturally. He is a real all-around professional and I love the way he rides and trains his horses. With his program, the finished horses are solid and serene. I made the Amateur Finals as well with both my mares who are very different: the roan mare [Purssuasion], who we started, is more relaxed but when it’s time to go she gives you everything. The paint - AK Ret N Snap (Ret N Dry x ARC San Snap) who we got at the beginning of the year — is very ‘hot,’ always ready to go, and needs to be calmed down but fun to ride! It was a fun show and I knew we could go home with a result, but there are so many variables in this sport you never know!”

The ERCHA Stallion Auction 2020 ERCHA/NRCHA Open & Non Pro Futurity Recipients:
10% of the ERCHA Stallion Auction proceeds went to the highest placing horse in the ERCHA Futurity sired by a stallion who took part in the 2020 Stallion Auction.
    •    60% went to the highest placing horse in the Open Futurity Finals, Shesa Genuinelypepto sired by Vittorio Rabboni’s Oaks Lone Pepto, shown by Giovanni Campanaro. The duo took the Open Futurity Co-Reserve Championship.
    •    The remaining 40% went to the highest placing horse in the Non Pro Futurity Finals, SA Ret Hickory N San, sired by Andrea Sanfelici’s Ret Great N San, Non Pro Futurity Champion with owner Claudio Ferrami in the saddle.
ERCHA would like to thanks all those invested in the industry donating a breeding.

• The Ans Mokie Cat Offspring Incentive Fund went to Open Finalist Ans Mokie Cd Gal (out of Junes Little Cd) who received a paycheck worth € 500.00. Ans Mokie Cat (Cats Merada x Okie Mokie Merada) is owned by Andrea Santini.

Markus Schopfer and Oh Cay MC


Markus Schopfer and Oh Cay Mc are the $2,500-added ERCHA/NRCHA Autumn Show Open Champions
Markus Schopfer and Oh Cay MC (Metallic Cat x Oh Cay Meriah) owned by Silverstone Ranch set the highest score — a 147 — in the first prelim of the ERCHA/NRCHA Autumn Show Open: the Rein Work. The dynamic duo held on to the top score of the day in the Herd Work where they held that cow and closed with a 144. In the fence work they once again showed off their talent and kept the fans glued to their seats and, when all was said and done, a 150 appeared on the score-board bringing their total composite to a 441 and the Championship!
Schopfer also claimed reserve honors with HipCat with a total composite score of 436.5 (145.5 in the rein work, herd work and fence work) and also went on to take reserve honors in the Futurity the following day. “These are two exceptional horses and I am very fortunate to be able to train and show them,” said Schopfer who was quick to thank the owners for the trust in his program.

Ricky Bordignon and Kib Taita Boonsmall


Taking the $200-added OKAMI Ranch ERCHA/NRCHA Autumn Show Limited Open Championship were Ricky Bordignon and Kib Taita Boonsmall (Redwhiteandblueboon x Sweet Popper Girl) owned by Omar Paganin with a 424 composite score (rein work 140.5; fence work 140; herd work 143.5).

Eliane Gfeller & CR Rosie The Riveter


It was a win for Eliane Gfeller and CR Rosie The Riveter (Woody Be Tuff x Gypsy Rose Rey) owned by Kaethi Gfeller in the $500-added Seiler Quarter Horses ERCHA/NRCHA Autumn Show Non Pro & $100-added Amateur. The pair closed with a 432.5 composite (rein work 142; fence work 144.5; herd work 146).

Sarah Destefanis & Hot As Wasabi


Taking the 2020 Seiler Quarter Horses ERCHA/NRCHA Autumn Show Non Pro Limited Championship were Sarah Destefanis and her own Hot As Wasabi (Little Dulces Rey x Whirlacat) after closing with a 433.5 composite (rein work 139.5; fence work 147; herd work 147).
The Autumn Show is open to 4- and 5-year-old horses shown two-handed in a snaffle-bit or hackamore following rider eligibility in all the divisions.

The race for the very first buckle — offered by RopinK Challenge - 2020 in collaboration with partner International Horse Press — offered to the Highest Scoring Lady in the 2020 ERCHA - National Reined Cow Horse Association Futurity was a tight one!
Tying for the highest score - a 144.5 - were Marine Richard and Eliane Gfeller. They decided to literally 'RUN' for the buckle and, taking the buckle home was Marine Richard!

ERCHA/NRCHA $300-added Two Rein Open - & Two Rein Open Regional
    •    Andrea Sanfelici riding Epic Rush owned by Giorgia Girardello scored a 285.5 composite for the win (rein work 142.5; fence work 143)

ERCHA/NRCHA Non Pro Limited Bridle
Gianpiero Rosatelli riding his own Cico Light (Bingo Starlight x CJ Cica Jac)
composite score 279.5 (rein work 137.5; fence work 142)

ERCHA/NRCHA 1K Non Pro Limited Bridle
    •    Valerio Ader riding his own Hollywood Pepito (Peptos Lil Bingo x Jacs Little Nugget) composite score 261.5 (rein work 124.5; fence work 137)

ERCHA/NRCHA Hackamore Non Pro
Peter Trixner took the win riding his own CR Tuff Boon Pickens (Woody Be Tuff x CR Dees Boon Meow) and a 259 composite score (rein work 120.5; fence work 138.5)

NEVIO LEPRE ERCHA/NRCHA $250-added Non Pro Bridle
    •    Andrea Popp rode his own Sugars Smartest Lena (Honky Tonky Player x Sugars Doc Tari) to a composite 276 (rein work 138; fence work 138) and the win.
    •    Eric Leseur &  Metallic Whiz (Itsgoodtobelucio x Boogie Woogy Whiz) composite 258.5 (rein work 132; fence work 126) Regional Champions.

ERCHA/NRCHA Novice Non Pro Bridle
    •    Andrea Popp & Sugars Smartest Lena (Honky Tonky Player x Sugars Doc Tari) closed with a 267 (reinwork 138, fencework 129) for the win.

ERCHA/NRCHA $600-added Open Bridle
    •    Samuele Poli Barberis & Cats Got Freckles (WR This Cats Smart x Playboys Girl) closed with a 286 composite (rein work 145; fence work 141) and the highest step of the podium.

ERCHA/NRCHA $100-added Limited Open Bridle
    •    Marine Richard & GS Top On Whizard (Sail On Top Whizard x Miss Tari Jaz) took the win with a 279 composite score (rein work 142; fence work 137).

ERCHA Herd Work All Ages Open & REGIONAL
    •    Tomas Barta & Sugars Smartest Lena owned by Andrea Popp (wife) posted a 140 for the ERCHA All Ages Open Herd Work.
    •    Gianluca Munarini riding Lemonade Springs owned by Yvonne Bonda marked a huge 150 to win the ERCHA All Ages Open Herd Work Regional.

ERCHA All Ages Non Pro Herd Work & REGIONAL
    •    Champions are Peter Trixner riding his own Chics Fluffed to a 143 score
    •    Rosanna Bembom & Smoking Spook, owned by Willem Bembom, posted a 150 to win the Regional division.

ERCHA Novice Horse Open
    •    Martina Casini riding her own Jetty Top Diamond (KRK Diamond Ditto x Jetty Top Cody Bar) closed with a 266 composite score (rein work 136; fence work 130) and the title.

ERCHA Novice Horse Non Pro
    •    Lorenzo Colombo riding his own Peppy Aristocrait MR (Tassas Aristocrat x MS Senorita Peppy) scored a 283 composite (rein work140; fence work 143) to win the class.
ERCHA Novice Riders
    •    Eleonora Terzi & Cats Got Freckles (WR This Cats Smart x Playboys Girl) performed to a 283.5 composite (rein work 139.5; fence work, 144) to win the ERCHA Novice Riders.
    •    Piercarlo Filippetto & Cross Gunner (Gunner Frostbite x Ariela) marked a 267.5 composite (rein work, 131.5; fence work 136) and took the Regional title
ERCHA Beginning Fence Work_AKA ‘Box Drive Box’
    •    Niggi Vlach & Crazy Smart Whiz won with a total composite 271.5
 (rein work 134.5; fence work 137)
    •    Valerio Ader & Hollywood Pepito placed second with a composite 269
 (rein work 135; 134) total
Quotes from the show pen!
Four days and a lot of action: Let’s hear it from the riders…

Gianluca Munarini & Lemonade Springs
"I've been riding Lemonade Springs, an 8-year-old mare owned by Bonda Ranch, since she was five. She was purchased in the United States where she was started but as a 4-year-old she was taken out of the training program. Shee has a lot of cow sense and reads the cows very well without ever making a mistake. We are planning to show her at the upcoming NCHA of Italy Maturity."

Peter Trixner & Chics Fluffed
“He won the herd work Championship last year and this was the first herd work this year where we scored a nice 143. He’s a good cool horse, who let me add another amazing win!”

Tomas Barta & Sugars Smartest Lena
“Sugars Smartest Lena is my 13-year-old stud. He was born at my place and is out of one of my broodmares. Being a ‘home-made’ prospect I broke and trained him and I love to show him in the ERCHA shows. He’s a very solid horse, a good bridle horse, a good herd work horse as well as down the fence and in the rein work. I also rope a little bit with him. He just has everything I need to make all fun!”

Andrea Popp & Sugars Smartest Lena
“This horse was raised by us at home and my husband [Tomas Barta] trained him and also coaches me for the shows. He is certainly the best horse I have ever had; he is a gentle and pleasant stallion to handle. I just love this him!” My husband will continue to show him in the Open classes and I will in the Non Pro.  We already have some of his foals and we hope that some will become as good as he is!”

Valerio Ader & Hollywood Pepito
“This is a horse that I purchased as a yearling and was trained by Alessandro Dezzutto, who is also teaching me a lot and for this I would really like to thank him. This ERCHA show was a lot of fun; the people are great and the organization excels as always. It’s my third year of ERCHA competition and I’m planning to show next year to always try to improve. Among other things, I think I will soon add another yearling to the program!”



By European Reined Cow Horse Association (ERCHA) Press Office
International Horse Press

Simona Diale & Chiara Milani
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