European Reined Cow Horse (ERCHA) Latest News: 2021 Show Calendar, General Assembly, Judges Seminar

November 24, 2020

The ERCHA Board met to determine the 2021 Show Calendar and yearly plan and is thrilled to be able to announce the following dates and innovations.

In order to further create enthusiasm in the reined cow horse world, and in consequence to the difficult situation in 2020, the board made the decision to offer two ERCHA/NRCHA Derbies:
    •    The first will be held in Cremona during the Salone del Cavallo, Cremona, Italy, on April 21 - 24
    •    The second will be held at the AMERICANA, Augsburg, Germany, on September 6 - 12. The Futurity and Derby will be run concurrently class in class, and the much anticipated Nations Cup will also be held during the event.
Furthermore, in order to facilitate our European membership, the 2021 General Assembly will be held during the ERCHA/NRCHA Spring Stakes which will be held March 26 - 28 in Travagliato, Italy.

We are proud to announce that the ERCHA-NRCHA Hackamore Classic welcomes a new entry to our venues: Bonda Ranch will in fact be hosting the event on July 1 -3 in Worbis, Germany. Our solid partners in Travagliato, Italy, will be hosting the  ERCHA-NRCHA Pre Futurity on August 6 - 8, as well as the ERCHA/NRCHA Autumn Show which will close the season on November 5 - 7.

Please note that dates may be subject to change.

Every two years ERCHA organizes an NRCHA Judges Seminar. The 2021 seminar has been postponed to 2022 in order to facilitate those judges that need to retest and those that are looking to obtain the prestigious judges card. In 2019, over 50 participants were registered and it is our goal to give more and more enthusiasts the chance to participate and keep up the high standard of participation.

We trust that the above news is well accepted, and look forward to bringing back our ERCHA family back together in 2021.

For any queries please do not hesitate to contact us. Stay safe!

By European Reined Cow Horse Association (ERCHA) Press Office:
International Horse Press
Simona Diale & Chiara Milani
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