2021 ERCHA/NRCHA Spring Stakes

Giovanni Campanaro and Shesa Genuinelypepto Giovanni Campanaro and Shesa Genuinelypepto Photos by 8 Photo Agency
March 29, 2021

After months of lockdown, the European Reined Cow Horse Association (ERCHA) show season finally started with the with the highly anticipated ERCHA/National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) Spring Stakes.
The success of the event was also guaranteed by the Covid-19 protocol adopted which allowed it to be held safely and simplify the participation of many foreign riders.

Shesa Genuinelypepto guides Campanaro to the ERCHA/NRCHA Spring Stakes Open Championship
With a 219 composite score (72.5 Rein Work, 72.5 Herd Work, 74 Fence Work) Giovanni Campanaro won the 2021 ERCHA/NRCHA $3,000-added Open Spring Stakes aboard Shesa Genuinelypepto (Oaks Lone Pepto x Genuinely Snapper) owned by Loris Paone. The Italian professional beat himself by only half a point (72.5 Rein Work, 72 Herd Work, 74 Fence Work) also taking reserve honors aboard Antonio Marmo’s Dual Aristocrat MR (Tassas Aristocrat x GH Dual Snappin).
“It went far better than I expected. With these lockdowns and no certain plans, there wasn’t a precise show preparation. The mare I won with is not yet in the perfect physical shape, but she performed better than I thought. I believed in her immediately, I did everything I could to have her when she was a 2-year-old and then I was lucky enough to find her owners who believed in me and in my program. I am truly in love with her, and at home she is the only one who is allowed everything!” said Campanaro.
“Dual Aristocrat MR, my other mount, is a stallion that I showed here at the Futurity even though he was still a little green; he looked talented to me so together with the owners we decided to give him the time he needed and this choice paid off. He is a great horse, this was his second show and even in today's fence work, he was able to manage a difficult cow. I can say that he behaved better than what I taught him. Both my horses will compete at the Derby and then get some well-deserved rest. They are both 4-years-old and I would like to save them for the next Futurity.”

Federico Fanti and WR Smart N Slinky


Riding WR Smart N Slinky (WR This Cats Smart x Chupikas Real Jewel), Federico Fanti won the 2021 ERCHA/NRCHA $500-added Limited Open Spring Stakes with a 216 composite score (Rein Work 72, Herd Work 73, Fence Work 71).
“It was very nice to come back to compete here in Travagliato with ERCHA, especially considering all the problems caused by the pandemic,” said Fanti. “We closed a great weekend winning this title; we were ready for this first show of the year. I know I made a couple of mistakes I want to work on, but my horses and I have grown together quite well during this past winter. Last year this mare at the Futurity had already shown that she could achieve excellent results. We are now able to battle with veteran trainers of this discipline such as Markus Schopfer, Giovanni Campanaro and Samuele Poli, all legends of our cow horse world and that means that I'm getting closer to my goal, which is to be more competitive in the Open too; ‘Slinky’ deserves it and we will work to get to the Derby even more consistent.
“I am also very happy with my team, they worked great during the show to have the horses always ready. Plus, from day one my customers reached excellent results in the show pen, which makes me very proud of them."
Marine Richard placed second with a 212.5 composite score (71 Rein Work, 68 Herd Work, 73.5 Fence Work) riding Catwoman Peptos (Peptos Lil Bingo x Jamie Handy Cat) for owner Nathalie Thenoz.

Alessandro Tugnoli and The One Dark Deal


2021 ERCHA/NRCHA $600-added Non Pro Spring Stakes Champions were Alessandro Tugnoli and The One Dark Deal (Smart Easy Deal x Miss Mify Olena). The duo won the Championship with a 214 composite score (71 Rein Work, 71 Herd Work, 72 Fence Work). With a 212.5 composite score (70.5 Rein Work, 70.5 Herd Work, 71.5 Fence Work) Tugnoli also took reserve honors aboard his second mount, SmartTarisDeal (Smart Easy Deal x OT Taris Peppy).
“I couldn't be happier than this, both of my horses did great. Both are home-bred, truly exceptional and talented while being very different and requiring different managements,” said Tugnoli. “I would really like to thank the ERCHA team for the excellent work done here. In this particular moment, being able to organize an event like this one ensuring safety for everyone is really special.”

Claudio Ferrami and SA Ret Hickory N San


Closing the ERCHA/NRCHA $250-added Amateur Spring Stakes with a 209 composite score was Claudio Ferrami aboard his own SA Ret Hickory N San (70.5 Rein Work, 69.5 Herd Work, 69 Fence Work), and Matteo Ambrosini Nobili riding LF Double Lynx (Double R Chant x Lynx Little Pepper). Having scored one point less in fence work (71 Rein Work, 70 Herd Work, 68 Fence Work), the latter took reserve honors.
“I’m very happy with this result,” said Ferrami. “I felt the pressure though! After winning last year’s Futurity, my 4-year-old Paint Horse sired by Ret Great N San out of Hickory Sanote and I had to prove we were still a good duo. Too bad for the first day of show, the horse was really fine, but I made some mistakes. This horse is really well-trained and the plan is to continue competing for all the show season and to work for a good Derby. As always I would like to thank Federico [Fanti] and Andrea [Sanfelici] for their help, and Maria Giulia for their support throughout the show.”

Yannick Bernard and Snapper Solano


ERCHA/NRCHA Spring Stakes Non Pro Limited Champion was Yannick Bernard riding Snapper Solano (Magical Snapper x Hubba Dancer). The pair won the Championship with a 199.5 composite score (60 Rein Work, 70.5 Herd Work, 69 Fence Work).
Reserve honors went to Eleonora Terzi riding Cap Bet Rey Boon (Playful Bet x Bet Yer Reys) with a 186 composite score (60 Rein Work, 64 Herd Work, 62 Fence Work).

Winning the $600-added ERCHA/NRCHA Open Bridle Class during the 2021 Spring Stakes was Giovanni Campanaro aboard Bet Command Rey (Dual On Command x Dots My Bet), owned by Green Mountain Quarter Horses. They topped the class with a 145 composite score (Rein Work 72; Fence Work 73 ).
“I'm so happy with this result. The horse came back in training only last Thursday as, due to the Covid-19 situation, we decided to give him a break,” said the italian professional. "We came here just to school him, but his strength is how honest he is in the show pen. He still needs experience in the bridle; this is his first show, he still has to find his physical strength and we'll be able to work on this only with time, between now and the end of the year. On top of that, he has a big heart: I could enter in the arena bridleless and trust him blindly during a whole run!”
Markus Schopfer rode Yvonne Bonda’s Oh Cay Mc (Metallic Cat x Oh Cay Meriah) to reserve honors with a 144 composite score (Rein Work 71.5; Fence Work 71.5).

With a 143.5 composite score (Rein Work 71.5; Fence Work 72) the $100-added ERCHA/NRCHA Limited Open Bridle Champion was Andrea Sanfelici riding Giorgia Girardello’s Epic Rush (Big Chex To Cash x Rush N Cat).
Marine Richard, aboard her own GS Top On Whizard (Sail On Top Whizard x Miss Tari Jaz), placed second with a 141.5 composite score (Rein Work 70.5; Fence Work 71).
Winning the $250-added ERCHA/NRCHA Non Pro Bridle with a 140.5 composite score (Rein Work 68.5 - Fence Work 72) was Fabio Giacalone riding Smart Speedy (Smart Easy Deal x OT Boompepp). “This is my first show, so I’m very excited about the result,” said Giacalone.  “I worked all year with my trainer Pietro Tuberga since for me this discipline is completely new. I still have to work on myself in the rein work, while I feel pretty confident in the cow work. I’m blessed to have a horse like mine, she really can ‘read and write’ and that helped me a lot during the whole run. I had so much fun today and I’m planning on showing for all the rest of the season.”
Second place, one point behind with a 139.5 composite score (Rein Work 66.5 - Fence Work 73) was for Ilaria Traverso riding her own Player Cat (Smooth As A Cat x Dual Play Shorty).

ERCHA/NRCHA Non Pro Limited Bridle Champion was Karl Simon aboard his own Bricks Smart Player (Jac O Rima x Avril Smart Play) with a 139.5 composite score (Rein Work 70; Fence Work 69.5). The duo placed also second in the 1K Non Pro Limited Bridle.
Second place was for Valerio Ader and his Hollywood Pepito (Peptos Lil Bingo x Jacs Little Nugget). The duo scored 130 (Rein Work 60; Fence Work 70) and also won the Non Pro Limited Bridle Regional as well as the 1K Non Pro Limited Bridle Regional classes.
With a 140 composite score (Rein Work 68; Fece Work 72) champions of the 1K Non Pro Limited Bridle were Giulia Fasani and Markus Schopfer’s Peptos Lil Bingo (Peptoboonsmal x Conchita Gay Bingo).

Jacky Molliex-Donjon, riding his own SA Rock N Ruf, won the ERCHA/NRCHA Novice Non Pro Bridle with a 134.5 composite score (Rein Work 58.5; Fence Work 66). Second place was for young Leni Bartmann and her teammate Smart Little Theo.

Davide Maria Becchio won the ERCHA/NRCHA Beginning Fence Work class aboard his own Master N Smoke (Master Kaweah x Rum N Smoke) with a 125 composite score (Rein Work 60; Fence Work 65). Reserve Champion, with a 120 composite score (Rein Work 60; Fence Work 6o), was Valerio Ader riding his own Hollywood Pepito. The duo also topped the ERCHA/NRCHA Beginning Fence Work Regional class.

Winning the ERCHA All Ages Non Pro Herd Work with a 71.5 score, was Andrea Panizza riding his own Ans Stylish Susy.
“I really enjoyed our run, my mare was sharp and dynamic for the whole time,” said a very happy Panizza. “She’s really in shape so I hope we can repeat the excellent result in the fence work tomorrow as well. A special thankyou goes to my trainer Federico Fanti, my wife, my children and my parents who always support me from home.”
With a 71 score, two duos shared second place: Luca Bertacchini riding his own Bloody Cat Mary (MR Pepto Fletch x Shesa Little Cat) and Asia Boni aboard her own My Final Cut (Peppy Of Acres x CD Ritz).  

With a 73 score, Damiano Avigni and his Kittenish (Kit Kat Sugar x Sweet Lil Gal) stepped on the highest step of the podium of the ERCHA All Ages Non Pro Herd Work Regional. Just a half point behind Michele Menegatti rode his Seymore Smooth (Smooth As A Cat x Fancy Frostina) to reserve honors.

Taking the ERCHA All Ages Open Herd Work was Samuele Poli riding 11-year-old American Quarter Horse Cats Got Freckles (WR This Cats Smart x Playboys Girl) owned by Luca Terzi. “He is one of the stallions of our barn,” said the Italian
Professional. “I’ve always had a lot of feeling with him. He is a horse with which I’ve won a lot, including prestigious titles such as the Futurity and the Derby. He was purchased in The U.S. as a 3-year-old and I've been riding him ever since.”

With a 72 score, Markus Schopfer and Oh Cay Mc (Metallic Cat x Oh Cay Meriah) owned by Yvonne Bonda shared second place with Giovanni Campanaro riding Bet Command Rey (Dual On Command x Dots My Bet), owned by Green Mountain Quarter Horses.  

ERCHA All Ages Open Herd Work Regional was all about Gianluca Marchesini. The cutting trainer scored a 74 riding HR Cats Starlight (High Brow Cat x Nurse Gray), owned by Simone Lupano, to win the class. A point behind he rode Seymore Smooth (Smooth As A Cat x Fancy Frostina) owned by Michele Menegatti to take second place honors.

ERCHA-NRCHA Hackamore Open champion was French rider and trainer at Four Seasons Ranch Marine Richard, riding Catwoman Peptos (Peptos Lil Bingo x Jamie Handy Cat) for owner Nathalie Thenoz. The duo won with a 141 composite score (Rein Work 69; Fence Work 72). In second place was Markus Schopfer aboard HipCat (Metallic Cat x Hip Hip Sue Rey), owned by Yvonne Bonda, with a total score of 139.5 (Rein Work 70.5; Fence Work 69).

With a 146 composite score (Rein Work 72.5; Fence Work 73.5), ERCHA-NRCHA Two Reins Open champions were Markus Schopfer and Oh Cay Mc (Metallic Cat x Oh Cay Meriah), owned by Yvonne Bonda. With a 134 composite score (Rein Work 70; Fence Work 64), another horse owned by Bonda placed second; Spark Spook (Smart Spook x Glo N Sparkle) ridden by Maik Bartmann.  

Jacky Molliex-Donjon riding his own SA Rock N Ruf (Sailin Ruf x A Time To Rock) won the ERCHA-NRCHA Two Reins Non Pro with a 130.5 composite (Rein Work 67.5; Fence Work63).

143 (Rein Work 72; Fence Work 71) was the top composite score in the ERCHA Novice Horse Open set by Maria Giulia Fanti riding her own Re Jaba Jac Flash (Rs Little Red Jaba x Jacs Snipper Flash). One point behind (Rein Work 69.5; Fence Work 71.5), Carlos Rodriguez took second aboard Marcello Maritano’s KN Black Jasmin (Skeets Dun x KN Miss Chic Tari).
Riding Ans Stylish Susy (More Than Stylish x Ans Wyatt Snappy) Andrea Panizza won the ERCHA Novice Horse Non Pro with a 140.5 composite score (Rein Work 72; Fence Work 68.5). Second place, with a 138 composite score (Rein Work 67.5; Fence Work 70.5), was for Marilena Mione riding her own Mr Cody O Lena (Mr Onemore Max x To Much Powered).
ERCHA Novice Riders champions was A Reminic Star (Lenas Starfish x Miss Reminic Chex), ridden by Charlène Aubreton, owned by CJA Quarter Horses, with a composite score 141.5 (Rein Work 72.5; Fence Work 69).
Reserve champion, with a 138. 5 composite score, was Ans Stylish Susy (More Than Stylishx Ans Wyatt Snappy), ridden by owner Andrea Panizza.   

ERCHA Novice Riders Regional winner was  DG Morgan Bhdryprise (Dry Snapper x BH Super Cody), ridden by Lisa Riviera and  owned by Luca Di Giacinto, with a composite score 136.5 (Rein Work 66; Fence Work 70.5).
Second place went to MP Double Topsail (LMC Im Topsail Dunit x Hubba Dancer), ridden by Anna Rodriguez and owned by Mauro Perilli, with a 136 composite score  (Rein Work 66.5; Fence Work 69.5).    

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The lady riders entered in ERCHA classes offering Fence Work automatically entered the RopinK Challenge Championship.
Following the NRCHA point system, below is the ranking after the first sanctioned DOWN THE FENCE WITH ROPINK event held during the Spring Stakes:
1° Place - Marine Richard - Pt 12
2° Place - Ilaria Traverso - Pt 10
3° Place - Maria Giulia Fanti - Pt 8
4° Place - Marilena Mione - Pt 6
Leni Bartmann - Pt 0
Marie Mura - Pt 0
Andrea Popp - Pt 0
Charlène Aubreton - Pt 0

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