HipCat Rides Markus Schopfer to the ERCHA/NRCHA Hackamore Classic Open Championship.

Markus Shopfer and HipCat Markus Shopfer and HipCat Photos by 8 Photo Agency
June 17, 2021

2021 ERCHA/NRCHA Hackamore Classic Recap
Provided by International Horse Press— Open to 4- and 5-year-old horses ridden in a hackamore, the 2021 ERCHA/NRCHA Hackamore Classic, originally scheduled to take place at Bonda Ranch, due to German’s COVID-19 restrictions took place in Travagliato and came to a close on June 6.

After performing to the highest score in both the rein work and herd work classes, Markus Schopfer and Yvonne Bonda’s talented stallion HipCat (Metallic Cat x Hip Hip Sue Rey) also topped the fence work class with a strong 74 score to claim the $3,000-added 2021 ERCHA/NRCHA Hackamore Classic Open Championship!
“He was good as always,” said Schopfer. “He performed well throughout the show bringing home very good scores. I have to thank Alessandro Dezzutto for all his precious help in preparing the horse for me during the show. I’m also really happy owner Yvonne Bonda came here to watch him competing this weekend.”

Past ERCHA/NRCHA Open Spring Stakes Champions Giovanni Campanaro and Shesa Genuinelypepto, an American Quarter Horse mare sired by Oaks Lone Pepto out of Genuinely Snapper owned by Loris Paone, took reserve honors with a 215.5 composite score (rein work 70.5; herd work 72; fence work 73).

Last in the draw, Italian professional Federico Fanti and WR Smart N Slinky (WR This Cats Smart x Chupikas Real Jewel) owned by Federico Mainolfi, closed with a 215 composite score (rein work 70.5; herd work 71; fence work 73.5) to win the $500-added 2021 ERCHA/NRCHA Hackamore Classic Limited Open Championship. “I just love this mare, and it’s always been like that from the first day I started riding her; she took a part of me!” he said. “During this show she was as good as always. In the herd work class, she’s consistent, even though yesterday we had bad lucky in choosing the cows. I am very excited about today's cow work class. She really amazed me since I’d never shown her down the fence in a hackamore. I really want to thank all my team—without them behind the scenes none of this would be possible. A shout out to the herd helpers as well who are key players in the herd work competition.”
Taking the reserve spot with a 212 composite score (rein work 69; herd work 71; fence work 72) were Marine Richard and Nathalie Thenoz’s Catwoman Peptos (Peptos Lil Bingo x Jamie Handy Cat).

Tugnoli and The One Dark Deal take Non Pro Hackamore Classic honors
Capturing the $600-added 2021 ERCHA/NRCHA Hackamore Classic Non Pro Championship with a 211 composite score (rein work 70; herd work 70; fence work 71) was Alessandro Tugnoli aboard his own The One Dark Deal (Smart Easy Deal x Miss Mify Olena).
“My horse was with me for the whole show, mentally and physically. I was concerned the heat might influence his performance,” shared Tugnoli. “I am very proud of him; during the three days of competition he was consistent and thispaid off. I started riding him in a hackamore 20 days ago, so I guess it couldn't get any better than that. Now he deserves some rest and then I would like to start working him, and my other 5-year-old, in view of the upcoming Derby in Germany.”

With a 211 composite score (rein work 68.5; herd work 72; fence work 70.5) Ilaria Traverso and Just Sparkling Kid (SDP Justice Is Comin x Miss Puro Kid) were crowned $250-added 2021 ERCHA/NRCHA Hackamore Classic Amateur Champions. The duo also performed to the same score as the Hackamore Classic Non Pro Champions, but took reserve honors having the lowest score in the fence work. “To be honest this show was a mix of ups and downs. My mare is a bit difficult and quite unpredictable, but she surprised me yesterday in the herd work where we took the top score in our division. Today I entered the fence work class without any expectations but once again she amazed me!” said Traverso who was quick to thank her trainers Ricky Bordignon, who helps her at home, and Federico Fanti who trains her mare on the cows and helps her in the herd work at the shows. The duo will probably show at the AMERICANA in Germany.

A point behind (rein work 67; herd work 71; fence work 72), taking reserve honors, was French Marie Mura riding her own Woody Choco Pepto (Stylin Dual x Mamaws Little Pepto).

Winning the Non Pro Limited Cow Work Championship with a 208.5 composite score (rein work 68.5; herd work 68; fence work 72) was Piercarlo Filippetto aboard his own Cross Gunner (Gunner Frostbite x Ariela). “It was so much fun! This was my first time showing in the herd work,” said an enthused Filippetto. “We worked hard at home with Markus [Schopfer], especially considering the fact that my horse’s breeding in not typically fit for this discipline. Yet, he performed very well and I am very proud of him. This result certainly came also thanks to the whole barn-team who supported me at home and throughout the whole show.”
With a 202 composite score (rein work 69, herd work 62, fence work 71), was Daniel Kociok and his own Zacks Colored TR (SDP Zacks TR x JR Smart Vandal Doll) between the reins took the Reserve Championship.

Herd Work Classes
With a 73 score Maik Bartmann riding Smart E Cat (Smooth As A Cat x Smart Little Dualler), owned by Yvonne Bonda, won the Herd Work Open All Ages class.
“It’s been a pleasure and an honor to show this horse here this weekend,” said Bartmann. “It was a little bit painful to enter last in the draw, but my horse has a lot of experience and managed to handle the difficult cows very well. He was good this morning in the practice, and even better this afternoon in the show pen. I really want to thank owner Yvonne Bonda for trusting me and giving me the chance to ride this horse: She’s always been supportive giving me the chance to ride me good horses. I’d also like to underline how much important are the herd helpers in this class; these guys are always great, they helped me with all they had and I learn something new every time I come here to show.”
Reserve honors, with a 72 score, went to Antoine Cloux riding his own Barrossab Colonel (Barrossab x Lika Colonel).

Gianluca Munarini dominated the Herd Work Open All Ages Regional class placing first and second riding Oreyginal Gangsta (Dual Rey x Cat Mom Do), owned by Willem Bembom; and Lemonade Springs (One Time Pepto x Lovely Lynnie O Lena) owned by Yvonne Bonda, resepectively. 

Giorgia Girardello and Freckles A Smart Cat won the Herd Work Non Pro All Ages as well as the Regional division class with a 73 score. “At first I was a bit nervous, since these are my first show experiences, but my mare is so special and she gave me the confidence to go for a great run. I'm pretty sure she wanted to win too!” she said. “I would like to thank my parents, my first supporters and sponsors, without them none of this would be possible! Andrea Sanfelici, my trainer, is of course a big part of this success; he always manages to bring out the best of both my mare and me. I purchased her earlier this year because I wanted to start having fun in herd work, we immediately found a great feeling and even the efforts made during this journey have been rewarded by this victory!” 
Second place in both the National and Regional classes went to Dr. Peter Kun who rode his own RJ Smart Gunpowder (ILL Be Smart x RJ Tough Feather) to a 72.5 score.

Ancillary Action:
Winning the $600-added ERCHA/NRCHA Open Bridle Class with a 145.5 score was Markus Schopfer aboard Oh Cay Mc (Metallic Cat x Oh Cay Meriah), owned by Yvonne Bonda (rein work 72.5; fence work 73). Samuele Poli Barberis riding Highbrow Fletch, owned by Az. Agricola Samisa Ranch placed second with a 144 composite (rein work 72; fence work 72).

With a 141 total (rein work 70, fence work 71) Maik Bartmann won the $100-added ERCHA/NRCHA Limited Open Bridle aboard Step Aristocrat Mr for owner Dominik Schaeffer. The German professional also took reserve honors with a 140.5 composite riding Yvonne Bonda’s Spark Spook (rein work 70.5; fence work 70).

Totalling a 145 composite (rein work 72; fence work 73), the $600-added ERCHA/NRCHA Open Hackamore Champions went to Markus Schopfer and HipCat for proud owner Yvonne Bonda.
The Italian professional and ERCHA president also scored a 146 (rein work 72; fence work 74) aboard Oh Cay Mc (Metallic Cat x Oh Cay Meriah) owned by Yvonne Bonda to win the $300-added ERCHA/NRCHA Open Two Rein. With a 143 composite score (rein work 71, fence work 72) Federico Fanti rode Andrea Panizza ’s Ans Stylish Susy (More Than Stylish x Ans Wyatt Snappy) for second spot.

The ERCHA Novice Horse Open win was for Maria Giulia Fanti riding her own Re Jaba Jac Flash (Rs Little Red Jaba x Jacs Snipper Flash). The duo scored a big 74 in the rein work and 71.5 in the fence work for a 145.5 total. Roberto Marchi placed second with a 142 composite (rein work 70; fence work 72) riding Claudio Gattone’s Top Star All Dun (Billy All Dun x Tops O Lena Star). 

Winning the $250-added ERCHA/NRCHA Non Pro Bridle was Richard Forster riding Jacs Royal Boonsmal (Royal Boonsmal x Zans Glenda Jac). The performed to a 141 composite score (rein work 72; fence work 69). Ilaria Traverso placed second aboard her own Player Cat (Smooth As A Cat x Dual Play Shorty) with 137.5 total score (rein work 68.5; fence work 69).

Piercarlo Filippetto scoring 134.5 (rein work 65.5; fence work 69) aboard Cross Gunner (Gunner Frostbite x Ariela), won the ERCHA/NRCHA Non Pro Hackamore, while Marie Mura and Woody Choco Pepto (Stylin Dual x Mamaws Little Pepto) placed second (rein work 61.5, fence work 66).

Peter Trixner and his own CR Tuff Boon Pickens (Woody Be Tuff x CR Dees Boon Meow) topped the $100-added ERCHA/NRCHA Non Pro Two Rein class with a 137 composite score (rein work 68.5, fence work 68.5). Dr. Peter Kun and his RJ Smart Gunpowder (ILL Be Smart x RJ Tough Feather) took second place as well as the ERCHA Non Pro Two Rein Regional class win with a 135.5 composite score (rein work 70.5; fence work 65).

Two duos with the same 137 total composite score (rein work 69; fence work 68) topped the ERCHA Novice Horse Non Pro. The win went to Andrea Panizza and his Ans Stylish Susy (More Than Stylish x Ans Wyatt Snappy) after Andrea Popp riding One Smart Sultan (Two Play To x Avril Smart Play) decided not to run-off automatically giving the win to Panizza.

ERCHA/NRCHA Non Pro Limited Bridle champions, with a 140.5 composite (rein work70.5; fence work 70), were Karl Simon and Bricks Smart Player (Jac O Rima x Avril Smart Play). Davide Maria Becchio rode Master N Smoke (Master Kaweah x Rum N Smoke) to second-place honors with a 137.5 total score (rein work 68.5, fence work 69).

Raimundo Segura and his own Ans Snack Cat (ANS Mokie Cat x ANS Wyatt Snappy) won the ERCHA Non Pro Limited Bridle Regional class with a 137 composite score (rein work 68, fence work 69).

With a total 142.5 (rein work 68.5; fence work 74), ERCHA/NRCHA 1K Non Pro Limited Bridle champions were Giulia Fasani and Peptos Lil Bingo (Peptoboonsmal x Conchita Gay Bingo) owned by Markus Schopfer. In second place were Karl Simon and his own Bricks Smart Player (Jac O RimaAvril Smart Play). The duo scored a total of 140.5 (rein work 70.5; fence work 70).

Andrea Panizza riding Ans Stylish Susy topped the ERCHA Novice Riders class with a 138 composite score (rein work 69.5; fence work 68.5), followed one point behind by Ingo Linke and Smartest Aristocrat (rein work 68; fence work 69).

Winning the ERCHA Novice Riders Regional with a 141 score (rein work 68; fence work 73) was Bernard Yannick aboard Snapper Solano.Raimundo Segura and Ans Snack Cat placed second  with a 128.5 (rein work 60; fence work 68.5).

ERCHA/NRCHA Novice Non Pro Bridle champions were Peter Trixner aboard CR Tuff Boon Pickens with a total of 136 (rein work 68; fence work 68). In second place was Karl Simon riding Bricks Smart Player to a 127 composite (rein work 65; fence work 62).

Davide Maria Becchio and Master N Smoke won the ERCHA/NRCHA Beginning Fence Work with a 138.5 composite (rein work 68.5; fence work 70), Karl Simon and Bricks Smart Player placed second with a 135.5 total (rein work 70.5, fence work 65).

Down The Fence with RopinK in collaboration with International Horse Press

The lady riders entered in ERCHA/NRCHA classes offering the fence work are automatically entered in the Down The Fence RopinK Challenge Championship. Following the NRCHA point system, below is the ranking after the third sanctioned DOWN THE FENCE WITH ROPINK event held during the Hackamore Classic:

    •    Marine Richard - Pt 34
    •    Ilaria Traverso - Pt 26
    •    Maria Giulia Fanti - Pt 24
    •    Marie Mura - Pt 18
    •    Marilena Mione - Pt 6
    •    Leni Bartmann - Pt 0
    •    Charlène Aubreton - Pt 0
    •    Caroline Baudinger - Pt 0
    •    Sylvia Bate - Pt 0
    •    Andrea Popp - Pt 0
    •    Emanuela Allevato - Pt 0
    •    Silvia Manfredi - Pt 0

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