NCHA Reinstates World Standings And Programs

The National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) will reinstate the world standings and award programs beginning June 3rd. These standings will include Amateur Horse and Rider of the Year, Non-Pro and Open Horse of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Senior World Tour, World, Youth World and Youth Rookie of the Year Standings.
With the reinstatement of the NCHA world standings and programs, the expediated show approval process will expire on June 2nd. The NCHA show approval process will return to the original approval timelines.

NCHA earnings won during the moratorium, March 18th through June 2nd, will not count towards NCHA rider and horse eligibility, including the $2,000 Limited Rider class. The NCHA Executive Committee voted on and passed that earnings accumulated during this time will apply to lifetime earnings and NCHA achievement awards.
The NCHA understands that some regions will still not be able to return to competition due to government regulations. Alternative options are being evaluated regarding the terms for qualifying and eligibility at the 2020 World Finals, scheduled for this fall in Fort Worth, Texas. More details will be forthcoming.
NCHA will continue to move forward with the Metallic Cat 2020 NCHA Summer Cutting Spectacular. The state of Texas has issued minimum health standard protocols for rodeo and equestrian events moving forward that the NCHA will be following closely. NCHA does not expect significant changes to the competition format, however, they do expect there to be safety modifications in place with regard to seating, food services and vendor options.
The NCHA is excited to announce the Texas Quarter Horse Association (TQHA) will be offering a $100,000 incentive for TQHA members that enter Texas-foaled horses during the Summer Spectacular as well.  

By NCHA Press Release