NCHA Executive Committee Passes New Changes in Response to COVID-19 Cases in Texas

In response to the ever-changing situation with COVID-19 cases in the state of Texas, the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Executive Committee voted and passed modifications for the upcoming 2020 NCHA Metallic Cat Summer Cutting Spectacular. The modifications include an extended entry deadline, refund options and a revised schedule format.

The NCHA Executive Committee has reopened entries for the 2020 NCHA Metallic Cat Summer Cutting Spectacular. Entries will remain open until Thursday, July 2, at noon CST. NCHA is asking members to enter via the online form located at or by contacting Cari Claxton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 817-244-6188 ext. 131. Entries must have been received in the office by noon CST on July 2.

Despite the reopening of entries, the NCHA recognizes the unease members may feel about traveling to Texas at this time. The safety and welfare of its membership is the top priority for the association. If an exhibitor does not feel comfortable attending, the NCHA Executive Committee has approved an amendment to the entry refund policy in place at the 2020 NCHA Metallic Cat Summer Cutting Spectacular allowing exhibitors to withdrawal their entry and receive a full refund. Refunds must be requested in writing and specifying the divisions the owner wishes to withdraw from. A written request must be made via email to Cari Claxton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by noon CST on Thursday, July 2.

Requests for a refund must be made in its entirety, including all divisions and subclasses that were originally entered. If an owner decides to withdraw a horse from the event, they must withdraw all horses that they own and have entered. As an example, if a horse withdraws from the Open Division, they must withdraw from all subclasses like the gelding or novice classes. Additionally, that same horse must be withdrawn from the Non-Pro or Amateur Divisions as well. All other horses owned by that same owner must also be withdrawn. However, if an owner would like to scratch the horse from the Non-Pro or Amateur Divisions but leave the horse entered in the Open Division, they may do so and receive a refund for the Non-Pro or Amateur portion of their entry. We understand that each members situation during this time is unique, please call the NCHA office with any questions regarding refunds.

Refund options will also be made available in the event a contestant tests positive for COVID-19 and provides medical verification following the deadlines until the start of their entered class.

Following the refund request and entry deadlines, the classes will be re-drawn and re-scheduled as needed based on revised entry numbers.  The newly published show schedule will run in a segmented format that begins with Open competition followed by the Amateur, and concludes with the Non-Pro divisions. The youth schedule will remain as is. This schedule has been optimized to ensure that each division is given every opportunity to complete their portion of the competition. Competitors may not compete on their originally scheduled day.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.

In the event of an interruption during the 2020 NCHA Metallic Cat Summer Cutting Spectacular, if a division or class is unable to complete the competition, NCHA will consider a partial refund inclusive but not limited to the jackpot portion of the entry fees.

The NCHA values its partnership with the State of Texas, the City of Fort Worth, and the Will Rogers Memorial Complex and will work in partnership to provide attendees with an optimal experience during the events in Fort Worth. Additional health and safety protocols will be published at the beginning of next week utilizing the most current information. Executive Director Jay Winborn will be issuing a video statement tomorrow, July 1, that will be published on NCHA website and social media.

By NCHA Press Release