Americana 2021: Denis Pini Wins Masters Cutting Open

Denis Pini & Stop Ur Hot Denis Pini & Stop Ur Hot Photos by 8 Photo Agency
September 05, 2021

Provided by Ramona Billing/AMERICANA - Today the AMERICANA 2021 started in Augsburg for the participants. The very first class showed how high the performance bar is set here. In the Masters Cuttings Open Denis Pini claimed the Championship aboard Michal Popov's Stop Ur Hot. With a 147, the Italian, who has already won the AMERICANA European Championship Cutting several times, prevailed over his 32 competitors. He also rode Genuine Alley Cat for Davide Tresoldi to third place (145).

Second place honours went to Gaia Salvatori with Marco Salvatori's Metallic Savanah (145.5). Also in 3rd place: Federico Fanti with Damiano Avigni's Kittenish.

Score 149 for Greta Salvatori in Non Pro Cutting

The high score of the first day was achieved by Greta Salvatori in the Masters Cutting Non Pro: an incredible 149 was awarded to the Italian lady with Cat Rey Lou. Second place went to Andrea Favaretto, who scored a 146 with Lenas Startaz. Third place was shared with a 144 each by Marco Salvatori on B Nimble, Gaia Salvatori with Metallic Savanah, Jana Kucerova with Blisterbeetle, Michal Popov with Stop Ur Hot and Florence Harache with MK Mickey Mouse. A total of 33 participants competed here.

Masters Cutting Youth goes to Sasha Schwind

The Masters Cutting Youth was won by Sasha Schwind aboard The Big Spoon who scored a 146 with their brilliant performance. Second was Riccardo Pini with Merada Dreamcatcher (141), followed by Jette Jürgensen on American Cat Beauty (139).

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