As champions were crowned at the 6666 NRHA Derby presented by Markel, two sires also reached a new milestone, with their offspring demonstrating extraordinary talent – continuing their legacies among NRHA’s leading sires.

The NRHA Executive Committee and Board of Directors are responsible for managing association business and for representing the best interests of its members and NRHA as a whole. Each year, the association opens nominations and hosts elections for a variety of leadership positions.

Givrins, July 15 — Provided by Simona Diale — The NRHA European Affiliate Championships (EAC) held at CS Ranch in Givrins, Switzerland, during the SVAG CS Classic Show ’23 closed on Saturday providing great competition from the younger athletes to the Million Dollar Riders. The 22nd edition of the EAC counted 115 riders, 150 horses, and a total of 450 entries making yet another CS Classic event go down in the history books.

Givrins, July 14 — Provided by Simona Diale — When the sun rose on CS Ranch where the 2023 edition of the NRHA European Affiliate Championships (EAC) is being held, riders were set and ready to perform vying for the prestigious titles. Open to European-qualified riders in ten classes, the EAC is celebrating its 22nd edition in Givrins. The very first edition was held in 2002 in Bolzano, Italy, and has been held in most European countries (for two consecutive years at each location) in the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Germany, France, and Poland, and was previously also held in Switzerland in Givrins. Today, the first European Affiliate Champions were determined along with the winners of the $12,000-Added NRHA Open and $8,500 NRHA Non Pro ancillary classes.

As the second day of NRHA Ancillary Action took place at CS RANCH in the NRHA (National Reining Horse Association) European Affiliate Championships, held during the SVAG CS Classic 2023, opening the competition were the NRHA Youth 13&Under and 14-18 youth classes.

Givrins, July 11 — Provided by Simona Diale — The NRHA European Affiliate Championships (EAC), held during the SVAG CS Classic ’23, officially opened the doors to competition with NRHA ancillary action lighting up the day. Following a week of intense World Reining Championship competition, the wonderful CS Ranch arena welcomed the first riders showing in the NRHA Rookie Level 1 and Level 2 classes.

Host to the 2010-2011 editions of the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) European Affiliate Championships (EAC), CS Ranch, Givrins, Switzerland, welcomed back the prestigious event in 2022 and is ready to offer this year’s edition during the SVAG CS Classic 2023.

On Top of the World!

The need for international team and individual competition was much felt by the reining community worldwide at all levels. A group of passionate enthusiasts got together and formed World Reining hoping to satisfy this need. NRHA Two Million Dollar Owner Corinna Schumacher and her CS Ranch team gave their availability to host and organize the inaugural NRHA-approved World Reining Championship event with Euro 150.000 offered in prize money and the response was huge.

For Immediate Release:

Givrins, July 2 — Provided by Simona Diale — With an unexpected yet sought-after result, the very first World Reining Championship hosted at CS Ranch in Givrins, Switzerland, will welcome 128 horse-rider combinations representing 13 European nations. The number of teams competing in the event is pretty impressive and counts five Junior Riders, six Young Riders, six Amateur Senior Riders, and five Open Senior Riders teams with the top 20 horse and rider combinations in each category vying for the coveted individual medals.

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