Ville de Lausanne Trophy - Masters One It’s a beautiful family story

Ville de Lausanne Trophy - Masters One It’s a beautiful family story Photos by ©Sportfot

In 1976, in Bromont, Marcel Rozier won the gold medal of the Montreal Olympics. Forty years later, his son Philippe won a medal of the same laurel in Rio. Friday evening, at the Longines Masters in Lausanne, in front of the senior representatives of the sports institution and the city of Lausanne, including city Trustee Grégoire Junod, Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Ingmar de Vos, President of the FEI, the two sons of Marcel, Philippe and Thierry, accomplished a rare double podium placing. The Roziers and Olympism: it’s a beautiful love story.

It was a rather unusual case of sibling rivalry between the two brothers where in the end it was the eldest who had the upper step. “It’s a very special win for me, as Rahotep de Toscane is back from a difficult year and a half after an injury. This is the first CSI5 * he’s competed in since 2017. Also, we won as a pair with the team at the Rio Olympic Games, so to compete together is very important to me. The story is beautiful, the scenario is perfect. This is the first time that the both of us, Thierry and I, are on the top steps of a CSI5* podium, or even for just any international competition! I am very happy to share the podium with him!”
Thierry was of course equally thrilled. Said Thierry, “I am delighted. Philippe gained time in the middle of the course, in the very tight curve between the vertical and the oxer. Not very many really played with that line, so I’m really happy for him. It’s a very nice result for him and Rahotep. I am very happy to share the podium with Philippe, we obviously prefer to keep it in the family. At least to the two most beautiful steps! (laughs) Vénézia d’Écaussines (bred by Christophe Ameeuw, the president and founder of this Longines Masters - Ed) is doing very well, I am very careful to keep her in good condition because she is my only mare. I wasn’t sure if I was going to really go for it, and then, finally, I let myself be tempted. It ended up being a good idea because she jumped very well!’’

Thomas Bach savored the marvelous moment of sport achieved by the two Rozier brothers. ‘‘It was beautiful sport, in a beautiful atmosphere that the rain could not possibly spoil. It was a pleasure to take part in such an extraordinary sporting event with this magical view of Lake Geneva. This victory of an Olympic Champion in this Olympic city is something which is strongly symbolic. In the conversation that I had with Philippe at the award ceremony was about Tokyo, where I’ll meet him win 13 months, we hope.”
This event was named after the city where this first edition of the Swiss Longines Masters is held. Grégoire Junod, Mayor of the City of Lausanne, discovered the sport of show jumping this evening. ‘‘It was a very beautiful show, run by a beautiful organization with a great atmosphere. It was beautiful. It is a discipline that I’m not familiar with, and I was delighted to discover it tonight. It [show jumping] is very beautiful. We understand that it is a display of synchronicity between a man and a horse and it’s very impressive.’’
The evening was the marking of an important point in front of this particular crowd. For those who still wonder if equestrianism will always keep its place in the Olympic program, IOC President Thomas Bach was especially reassuring. ‘‘Tonight many IOC members were present and enjoying the sport, and I must say that the FEI, under the presidency of my friend, Ingmar De Vos, has made great strides to modernize equestrian sport. You can relax and rejoice: we will see the equestrian events in five years at the Olympic Games in Paris…in another beautiful place, I believe!’’

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