End of the Hubside Jumping: victory for Guillaume Foutrier

Guillaume Foutrier & Valdocco des Caps Guillaume Foutrier & Valdocco des Caps Photo Courtesy by HUBSIDE JUMPING / Filippo Gabutti

Forty-six horse and rider combinations took part in the HUBSIDE JUMPING’s final CSI4* Grand Prix this morning which boasted 100, 000 euros of prize money. Among them, six jumped clear allowing them to go through to the jump-off and in the end, it was Guillaume Foutrier and Valdocco des Caps who were victorious in this 1m55 Grand Prix.

The public believed the jump-off riders in this Grand Prix would all be French and male for a long time. After the initial clear rounds of Alexis Deroubaix, Thomas LОvРque, Alexandre Fontanelle and Guillaume Foutrier, all at the beginning of the class, no other rider had managed to overcome the subtleties of the course created by Gregory Bodo, the French course designer, for a long time. Not even the multi-medal winner Rodrigo Pessoa, who, after perfectly beginning his round, had one down on the last fence of the course. It was not until the last quarter of this first round that two lady riders, Ireland’s Susan Fitzpatrick and France’s MОgane Moissonnier joined the leading quartet.

First to go in the jump-off, Alexis Deroubaix and Timon d’Aure, performed perfectly, finishing their round clear and in a time of 40.76 seconds. However, the experienced combination was unseated from the pole position a few seconds later, by Thomas LОvРque and Seurat GalotiПre, who finished in a time of 39.75 seconds. Alexandre Fontanelle, who tried to catch up with his fellow rider from RhЩne Alpes, had to take all the risks. A very tight turn before the double and a misunderstanding with his loyal Prime Time des Vagues did not allow them to finish the jump-off unfortunately. Nevertheless, they finished sixth in the Grand Prix. In a time of 38.33 seconds and over a second faster than his fellow countryman, Guillaume Foutrier, back at the HUBSIDE JUMPING with Valdocco des Caps after their victory in the opening Grand Prix of the season at the Ecuries du Golfe de Saint-Tropez, put Thomas LОvРque into the second place of the provisional line-up. Only the two lady riders left to go still had a hope of being the winner. At just twenty years old, the young Irish rider also had a clear round with Fellow Castlefield. Although they were unable to unseat the first two riders from the podium, their time of 39.78 seconds allowed them to go into the third place of this Grand Prix nevertheless. Mogane Moissonnier, 21 years old, also jumped clear with Cordial, like her female rival. In a time of 43.86 seconds, the young rider went into fifth position of this keenly contested jumpoff.

Guillaume Foutrier and Valdocco des Caps - Photo Courtesy HUBSIDE JUMPING / Filippo Gabutti

“I’m delighted to  win again after the victory when we last came here to the HUBSIDE JUMPING, in April. It was essential not to be rushed, find the right balance and not make any mistakes in a jump-off like this. I am very pleased with Valdocco des Caps who is in great form after a three-week break. He was clear on the first day and today he’s the winner. This goes to show that he is gaining experience and goes back to competing quickly,” stated Guillaume Foutrier after the jump-off.

Guillaume Foutrier has ridden to victory twice here, winning the first and last 4* Grand Prix of this summer phase of competitions organised by Sadri Fegaier at the recently renovated Ecuries du Golfe de Saint-Tropez, in Grimaud. The French rider will undoubtedly be keen to defend his title during the next events in the autumn at the HUBSIDE FALL TOUR.

Emilio Bicocchi & Flinton - Photo Courtesy by HUBSIDE JUMPING / Marco Villanti

An Italian Victory in the CSI2* Grand Prix
Earlier in the morning, the CSI 2* Grand Prix was won by Italy’s Emilio Bicocchi with Flinton. After a jump-off with eleven participants, the rider, who is loyal to the HUBSIDE JUMPING, finished ahead of France’s Alexis Deroubaix and America’s Kristen Vanderveen.

Although Italy was first to go in the jump-off with Massimo Grossato and Especiale Too, the top of the provisional lineup was dominated by France, in this final against the clock. After the eight faults of the Italian combination and four unfortunate faults on the final fence for Germany’s Guido Klatte Junior, Roger Yves Bost, the team gold medallist from the Rio Olympics, was first to jump double clear with Castleforbes Vladimir. In a time of 38.34 seconds, he was rapidly unseated by his fellow countryman Aexis Deroubaix and Secret du Pays d’Auge, who also had a perfect clear round in 36.48 seconds. Following them, Spain's Gonzalo Anon Suarez had four faults; Mathieu Bilot and Lagavulin 2, who were apparently not in sync this morning, finished with 28 faults. Despite a second clear round, Flore Giraud, finished in a time of 39.73 seconds, and went into third place in the provisional line-up. However, the line-up was indeed provisional as a few seconds later, another French rider replaced the lady rider on the podium. Indeed, Laurent Goffinet and Nimord de Muze Z finished their round in a time of 38.93 seconds, just behind Bosty. Three riders were still to go. Which country would be the winner of this Grand Prix: Italy, France or the United States? Emilio Bicocchi immediately challenged the last two riders of the jump-off with a perfect clear round in a time of 36.10 seconds. Despite two great clear rounds, Vincent Feuillerac and Kirsten Vanderveen didn’t fight it out for the third step of the podium in the end. The French rider
finished in a time of 37.88 seconds and was pipped at the post by the American, who was a hundredth of a second faster, and came third in the final line-up.

“I’m very happy to have won as I have come here very often and willingly to almost all the HUBSIDE JUMPING’s shows since the beginning of the season. I hadn’t had a very good show this weekend until now, so it was time to do something well! I saw the first two French riders jump and I knew that they were very fast so I had to take all the risks.
It’s fabulous,” smiled the rider after the jump-off. Now the horses will make way for the holiday makers on the French Riviera, and will be back, in even finer form, in September, with four weekends of 4* competition. We look forward to seeing you from 19 to 22 September for the start of the HUBSIDE FALL TOUR.

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