If the Belgians Like Chantilly, Then Pieter Devos is in Love With France

Pieter Devos & Jade Vd Bisschop Pieter Devos & Jade Vd Bisschop Photo by ©S.Rispail

A Belgian victory in Chantilly is not rare. Nicola Philippaerts, Constant Van Paesschen, Gregory Wathelet and Jérôme Guery have all taken a turn atop the podium. Pieter Devos hadn’t yet, but he’s had no shortage of success in France, already winning twice in Bordeaux. Today, he got to add the Groupama Masters to the list.

It was a fiercely competitive class with 13 out of the 35 riders returning for the jump-off. Winning a jump-off round with so many riders is no easy feat, as it means more competition and tighter times. However, Devos beat American Spencer Smith and his French bred horse Theodore Manciais by just 63 hundredths of a second. Devos is steadily becoming one of the biggest names on the international circuit by consistently achieving top results. His horses, too, are considered show jumping stars, with Claire Z and Espoir now quite versed in the art of victory laps. But the 10-year-old mare Jade Vd Bisschop (even so she has won twice this year) is a horse we know less.
“It’s true,” confirmed the Belgian, “I’m very happy to have so many good horses, especially going at Grand Prix level. Jade is really promising but doesn’t yet have much experience. Being able to alternate these horses for the shows allows me to have certain regularity in my results, because I’m able to compete the horses when they’re in their best form. So I’m very happy with my horses and proud of what I’ve built with my team and my family. That I’m here today is thanks to all those people around me who contribute to the welfare of my horses. A win like this, and at such a prestigious show, is as much their success as it is mine. She [Jade Vd Bisschop] is starting to do some really great things, which has made me all the prouder. I really believe in her and look forward to our future as a combination,” said Devos.
The Brazilian Yuri Mansur, easily distinguishable by his yellow jacket in the same bright colour of the seleçao soccer jersey, completed the podium with Carlson, more than a second and a half behind the leading time.
The top French result was from Tourangeau Pierre Alain Mortier, a bit less known on the circuit, who put together a conscientious round with secured a fourth place with Uruguay Courcelle.
The Groupama Masters concluded the magnificent 2019 edition of this Jumping International de Chantilly. It was another year where the audience turned out in full, filling the two stands built to hold more than 5,000 spectators. This keystone event on the international show jumping circuit is one of the elements which make Chantilly the horse capital of the world.

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