Campus Life Experience: The TV Series Focused on Equitation

Campus Life Experience: The TV Series Focused on Equitation Photo credit © Stefano Secchi / Campus Life Experience

The much-awaited for Campus Life Experience TV Series is ready to air!
The first series of the TV program with a focus on equitation — a mix between a reality show and documentary — will be aired in Italy on MS Sport on Digital TV and by MS Channel on SKY TV (Channel 814).

Horse TV (Sky 221) will feature the series with English subtitles along with international distribution which includes Saudi Arabia, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Germany, Hungary, and the USA. FISE TV and International Horse Press (Facebook and Instagram), along with the Ride Up App on demand, will provide further distribution on Social Media.

The Format
It’s all about equitation and not only…
Ten young athletes relocated to Umbria with their horses to live an entire week — without cell phones — under the guidance of Olympic riders Laura Conz and Stefano Brecciaroli. With them was also Mental Coach, Manuel Alghisi.

TV and Social Media Program:

Campus Life Experience is produced under the patronage of FISE (Federazione Italian Sport Equestri) and FISE Toscana

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IHP Edited Press Release by Daniela Cursi/ Campus Life Experience