Rising Star: Blair & Briar Mabry, Timed Event Specialists

Rising Star: Blair & Briar Mabry, Timed Event Specialists Photo courtesy of FloRodeo

By Katy Lucas/FloRodeo - Having siblings in rodeo means you always have a built-in practice buddy, sometimes a critic, and always a great fan cheering you on.
Brothers Briar and Blair Mabry have exactly that as both boys successful hit the National Little Britches and National High School/Junior High rodeo trails as travel companions, team roping partners, and rivals.

“I am fortunate this year to get to team rope with my little brother, Blair,” big brother Briar said. “We are finally in the same age division and while it can be tough mentally, to have that added pressure of roping with your little brother, it’s also pretty cool to get to rope together. He’s an automatic practice partner and traveling partner.”
Little brother Blair couldn’t agree more.

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