National Reining Breeders Classic (NRBC) Update: May 24-31 Dates Confirmed Until Further Notice

The National Reining Breeders Classic (NRBC) board and management team and the Great Southwest Equestrian Center continue planning to hold the NRBC May 24-31 if Texas and Harris County restrictions from the Covid-19 Virus permit. In a meeting held April 16, Amy Uniss-Coleman, General Manager of the GSEC along with Tom McCutcheon, Colleen McQuay, Tim McQuay, Pete Kyle, Dell Hendricks and Cheryl Cody discussed the future of the event.

Currently, laws in place that impact Katy, Texas are set to expire April 30 and May 3 as far as shelter at home and non-essential business closings. Those measures—whether extended or relaxed—will finalize the status of the show and it will be announced no later than May 5.
Uniss-Coleman noted, "We are ready to go forward. We definitely want to have the NRBC and the two shows that are set to take place prior to it."
NRBC President Tom McCutcheon said, "We all realize it's not ideal, as far as preparing horses, to get that late of a confirmation, but we are doing the best we can with the situation that Covid-19 has created. As a competitor I understand the difficulty of the late notice but under the circumstances, I feel that if we are allowed to have the horse show we should have it. And NRBC will do everything possible to safeguard the health of participants as well as our own staff."
The NRBC, through cooperation with the Great Southwest Equestrian Center, is being planned with stringent safety methods in place. NRBC Secretary-Treasurer Cheryl Cody noted, "We are looking at all measures possible to ensure our participants, owners, sponsors and supporting staff can have peace of mind while at the show. We will work to create the safest environment for everyone."
"It won't be like the shows of the past but the NRBC has always been focused on running a program and an event that helped the reining world. Now as always, we appreciate those whose participation and support have made the NRBC what it is. I feel sure that they will pull together even more this year so we can go on with the show, create champions and benefit the industry."
Currently it is likely that the show not be open to the general public and daily temp screening for people who enter the facility will also be required. Other measures such as restricting the number of people in the office, keeping secretarial staff behind protective plexiglass, spacing seating to create social distancing and other tactics are being planned, as well.

By NRBC Press Release