National Reining Breeders Classic to be Held in Tulsa on August 26 - September 6

Following a board meeting on May 7, the National Reining Breeders Classic (NRBC) Board and Management has announced that this year's show will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma August 26 - September 6.

In an unparalleled show of generosity, the Global Reining Sport Group, which annually produces the Tulsa Reining Classic, made the decision to offer its dates to the NRBC. It was a landmark move in an unprecedented era. Anne-Marie Burns, a partner for GRSG, said, "These are extremely difficult times for the reining world and we believe that we had to put the good of the industry ahead of the plans for our show. The NRBC, with its massive payout, is more important at this time."
The offer was key in being able to hold the 2020 NRBC. NRBC President Tom McCutcheon noted, "We appreciate this important gesture from GRSG and thank them for their willingness to do what is best for the industry. We had been analyzing options since it became apparent that we would not be able to hold the show in Katy this year. Not every facility can host an event this large and frankly, there were not many dates that would work with the fall schedule already in place in our industry. Thanks to the Global Reining Sport Group's willingness to work together, we can go forward and hold the NRBC."
NRBC Secretary-Treasurer Cheryl Cody said, "In the next week we will be revamping the schedule, show terms and deadlines to be able to give options to our exhibitors and owners as far as entries for these new dates. We will also work with our loyal sponsors and vendors to make this date and location work for everyone."
McCutcheon added, "This year's NRBC will have a different look and feel, based on the new health restrictions, and we will be working through those in the coming weeks. We are confident that our participants will bear with us and continue to support us until we can get back to a more normal show for 2021 in Katy."
Colleen McQuay, Vice President of the NRBC and a partner in Global Reining Sport Group said, "Both groups are tuned in to the fact that this will be futurity time and we want to offer opportunities for futurity horses. So, in addition to the NRBC's normal set of classes, futurities have been added which will take place at the beginning of the show. There will be an Emerging Horse Futurity, a Developing Horse Futurity, an Open Futurity and a Non Pro Futurity. The NRBC will also host the South Central Affiliate Region Championships."
Cody noted, "We value the contribution of officials and staff as they are such an important part of the team producing both events. We are contacting judges and event staff to work out the best scenario for a blended staff."
The Board Members, Officers and Management of NRBC were quick to thank all the exhibitors, owners, vendors and sponsors who are so important to this event. For updates on the show, the schedule and conditions please check the website at

By NRBC Press Release