Action Heats Up in Mustang and Super Duty Arenas at NRBC

Shauna Larcombe and Shiners Chic Shauna Larcombe and Shiners Chic Photos ©NRBC

Ancillary Competition Heats Up at NRBC
The competition in the Affiliate Regional Championship and ancillary classes continued at the National Reining Breeders Classic, with several more winners being crowned on Friday. The crown jewel of the day was the NRBC Open Classic Challenge, which ran concurrently with the $25k Open.

Tara Podkrajsek & Shake Em Down - ARC Nov. Horse Levels 1 & 2 Champion
When Tara Podkrajsek got the opportunity to show Shake Em Down, she took full advantage. She and the mare won the ARC and ancillary sections of the Novice Horse Open for Levels 1 and 2 with an impressive score of 147.
"I walked in and this mare felt like she was with me. She was very honest on the circles, and I knew I could push her. She stayed with me. The turns could have been a little bit better, but she stopped great and everything was super nice. I was so happy with her," she shared.
Podkrajsek typically prepares Shake Em Down, a six-year-old mare by Wimpyneedsacocktail, for owner Addie McNeel. A few bobbles kept McNeel and the mare out of the Non Pro Classic finals, so Podkrajsek got to compete with her. "I thank Addie and her husband Bert for letting me show her," she said. "I actually showed her in Waco before this, and we marked a 70. I felt like I could trust her and push her a little more the next time I showed her."
Podkrajsek is likely done showing Shake Em Down. "I think we're done showing here, and Addie will show her some more and take her home to Utah," she said. "I thank my boss Mathieu Buton for his coaching and guidance. I thank the whole Buton team. They're such great supporters and the best cheerleaders. I also thank all my friends and fellow trainers, as well as my family. I thank my family, and everyone behind the scenes."
Jared LeClair & Lime A Rita - Nov. Horse Open L3 Champions
An exciting run-off decided the championship of the Novice Horse Open Level 3, and in the end it was Jared Leclair and Lime A Rita who came out on top.
For Leclair, there was no question about running it off. "We're in the running for a world title, so we need every dollar we can get," he shared. "Her runs today were good. It's a really nice pen, and this mare showed really well for me both times. She's very consistent."
Lime A Rita is owned by Susan Meyer. "I've shown this mare all year and she's been really good for me. She's a great show horse and tries really hard. She goes and gives it her all every time," he said.
Leclair and Meyers are excited about Lime A Rita's future, especially as a producer. "We have three foals on the ground and more coming next year," Jared said.
Leclair is finished showing, although he has several non pro riders showing over the weekend, and his assistant trainer competing in the Open finals. "I have a great team behind me, and I couldn't do it without them," he said.
Congratulations to the Yellowstone Paramount Network Rookie Shootout Qualifiers
The large field of contenders for the Yellowstone Paramount Network Rookie Shootout has been narrowed down to the top five. The riders with the top five composite scores earned a spot in the Shootout, which will run Saturday night at 5 pm, prior to the Open Level 4 Finals.
We wish the following qualifiers the best of luck.
Dana Wetherell & Lil Ruf Cash
Debbie Conway & Chex Out My Dough
Ari Mischo & ARC Electrical Storm
Payton Neiberger & Xtra Dun Step
Madaline Callaway & Electric Coded Trash
Giorgia Medow & Xtra Voodoo Gun - ARC Rookie Levels 1 & 2 Champion
Giorgia Medow and Xtra Voodoo Gun put together a solid run to win the ARC and ancillary Rookie Levels 1 and 2, but the win was bittersweet. "We actually just sold him here. The Pritchett family will be showing him now. I wish them good luck," she said.
She noted that Xtra Voodoo Gun is the kind of horse everyone wants to be around. "He really is just the sweetest horse. Every single day he comes out and I can trust him to do his job. Today he was perfect everywhere, and he really came through. He is always so dependable, and I have loved being able to show him," she said.
Medow rides with Kole Price, and shared that the advice he gave her before the run was simply, "Rid him like it's your last time."
A college freshman at TCU, Medow is currently a bio major, and aspires to be a pediatric dentist. "Horses will always be part of my life. It's something our whole family does," she said. "I thank my family, and of course Kole Price and the whole Price Performance Horses crew. I also thank my brother jack who has done so much helping me prepare this horse and coaching me the whole way."

Payton Neiberger & Xtra Dun Step - Rookie Levels 1 & 2 High Point Champion
Earlier this week, Payton Neiberger and Xtra Dun Step won the first slate of Rookie Levels 1 and 2, and topped the first round of the Yellowstone Rookie Shootout. On Friday, the won the second round of the Shootout, and tied for second in Rookie Levels 1 & 2, easily claiming the high point buckles for both levels.
"My first run I had a penalty, but my run today was pretty clean. It was really good," she said. "I'll show again tomorrow in the Shootout round. After this I will probably show at the World Show."
Neiberger rides with Casey Deary and Josh Tishman. "I thank my trainers and the whole Deary barn, as well as my parents," she said.

Lisa Neiberger & All About Business - ARC Prime Time Rookie Co-Champion
It was a big day for the Neiberger family. In addition to Payton's high point championship and qualification for the Yellowstone Rookie Shootout, mom Lisa tied for the win of the ARC and ancillary Prime Time Rookie. "It was definitely a good day," Lisa shared.
Lisa rode All About Business, a five-year-old mare by Smart And Shiney out of Anne Get Your Gunner. "I ride with Casey Deary and Josh Tishman, and they told me to be brave today," she said. "I thank Casey and Josh, and for sure my husband who has been such a huge supporter of mine."
Neiberger is looking forward to showing at the AQHA World Show, as well as the NAAC Finals in Oklahoma City.

Karen Lawrence & Steppin Up Haidas - ARC Prime Time Rookie Co-Champion
Karen Lawrence purchased Steppin Up Haidas about 18 months ago, and in that time the two have been forging a new partnership. "Thankfully, Sebastian and Melanie Petroll have been helping us become a team and today is our team high," she said following her co-championship in the ARC and ancillary Prime Time Rookie classes. "I'm extremely excited. Today was a lot of fun."
Steppin Up Haidas is a nine-year-old mare by Wimpys Little Step out of Haidas Cowgirl. "She came from California, and she had some history and I had my own ways and stuff, but now she's a really good one," Lawrence said. "Today she walked in the pen really good and was nice and quiet. She just showed really easy and was a lot of fun."
Lawrence is looking forward to competing at the SWRHA Futurity in October. "I thank Sebastian and Melanie, and I have an amazing group of friends and family who are very supportive."


Ancillary Competition Continues at NRBC
Thursday at the National Reining Breeders Classic in Tulsa, Oklahoma, saw a very full day of horse show classes. The entry numbers were so high, that the decision was made to open up a fourth arena to accommodate all the runs! Thursday also marked the first Affiliate Regional Championship classes, with many exhibitors earning a spot at the North American Affiliate Championships that will be held with the National Reining Horse Association Futurity in Oklahoma City later this year.

Dan Huss & Smart Voodoo Brother - ARC Open and Open [1] Champion
Dan Huss brought Smart Voodoo Brother to the NRBC to gain some experience in the show pen. It looks like the four-year-old stallion, by Shiners Voodoo Dr out of Smart As Sister, is also getting some experience in the winners circle. Huss and Smart Voodoo Brother laid down a smooth run, earning a score of 146 to win both the ARC Open and the ancillary Open.
"We brought him here to get some good show experience, and we were hoping along the way we could win a bit, too, so it was a pretty good day," Huss said. "The first maneuver he spun really well but had a little overspin, but then we stayed out of the penalty box the rest of the way."
Owner Patrizio Fumagalli purchased the colt as a two-year-old. Patrizio showed him in the Non Pro Futurity, but the colt wasn't quite ready. "He wasn't seasoned enough, so I took over, and he's been coming around rather good. He's a really athletic horse. He just is a little busy minded," he said. "Pat is going to start taking over the reins at the Best of the West."
Huss will show Smart Voodoo Brother again in Friday's Novice Horse Open classes. "I thank Pat for allowing me to show this horse. I also thank my wife who is my biggest fan and is the reason I am still competitive," he said.

Fredrick Thomsson & Gunna Cash Out - ARC Int. Open/Int. Open [1] Champion and ARC Ltd. Open/Ltd. Open [1] Co-Champion 
Fredrick Thomsson and Gunna Cash Out took home numerous wins in Thursday's Super Duty Arena classes. Not only did they win the ARC for the Int. Open, as well as the ancillary class, they also tied for the win of the ARC and ancillary Ltd. Open.
"The run today was easy. We had plus maneuvers across the board. She was excellent and super easy to show," Thomsson said of the 144.5 run. "We ended up only warming up a few horses before we went in, but it seemed to be the formula for her."
Gunna Cash Out, a five-year-old mare, is by Gunnatrashya out of Little Bitty Spark. "The owners bought her a while ago with the intent to get her shown and then keep her as a future broodmare. This is actually only her second show," Thomsson shared. "We didn't enter here in the NRBC because she's so green. We won some ARC stuff, so most likely we're going to gear her towards the NAAC at the Futurity."
Thomsson voiced his appreciation for the mare's owner Kathleen Ray. "I thank the owners. I have a great group of owners, and they are very supportive. The owners do everything for us. I also have a great team working for me here and at the ranch that do a great job. It's a team effort and everyone deserves the credit," he said.
Thomsson will be showing several more horses the rest of the week in the Classic finals as well as in the ARC classes. "We love this show and what the organizers have done. This is super nice, and Tulsa is great with all the riding arenas and wonderful facilities," he said.

Sumer Opinker & Hermosa Star Dream - ARC Ltd. Open/Ltd. Open [1] Co-Champion and ARC Rookie Pro/Rookie Pro [1] Champion
Sumer Opinker & Lil Joes Hushmoney - Ltd. Open and Rookie Pro. High Point Champion
In just two days of competition, Sumer Opinker has racked up numerous wins on two different horses. She won the Ltd. Open and Rookie Pro. high-point buckles on Lil Joes Hushmoney, thanks to wins in those classes on Wednesday. Lil Joes Hushmoney is owned by James Hobbs.
In Thursday's classes, she tied for the Championship of the ARC and ancillary Ltd. Open, and was the sole winner of the ARC and ancillary Rookie Pro. This time she won on Hermosa Star Dream. "I have been riding her a couple months. My boss was nice and let me show her this week, so I'm really happy," Opinker said of the Magnum Chic Dream mare who is out of Hermosa Dun It. "She felt great today. It was a lot of fun."
Hermosa Star Dream is owned by Mirjam and Andrea Stillo. "I thank Mirjam and Andrea. They have been great and helped me so much with showing and becoming the young professional I am today," she said.

Sarah Locker & Snips Shining Gun - Non Pro [1] Champion
Snips Shining Gun holds a special place in the hearts of everyone at Hilldale Farm. At the 2019 NRHA Futurity, the talented mare, with Jessicah Keller at the reins, won enough money to catapult her dam, Snip O Gun, over the million dollar mark for offspring earnings. That made her only the third mare to reach that milestone.
The mare is now being ridden by Jessicah's sister Sarah Locker, and the two put together a polished run in the Mustang Arena to score a 145 and win the Non Pro [1]. "She is very special to our family not only because we bred and raised her, but because she's the one who put Snip O Gun over one million for Hilldale Farm," Locker explained.
A two-time NRBC Non Pro Champion, Locker entered Snips Shining Gun in the Non Pro Preliminaries. "This is my first real horse show with her. I showed her in the preliminaries and she was great, but I wasn't as great as she was. I wanted to try again in this non pro class. She was great, and I was better today," Locker shared.
Locker rides with Casey Deary, who made sure to share some sound advice. "My biggest challenge in the Classic was I didn't run fast enough in my circles. Casey told me that if he was whistling, I needed to go faster. He whistled a few times, so we went a lot faster," she said. "I was really happy with how she performed today, and happy with myself today."
Locker plans to show Snips Shining Gun in the non pro classes on Sunday. "I want to put together another nice run and keep improving our relationship and getting together so we can show the next several years," she said. "I thank Casey Deary and the whole Deary team. Without them we wouldn't have made it this far. Thank you to my mom who raises so many amazing horses for my sister and I to show. Thank you to my husband who is very encouraging. Finally, thank you to everyone here for putting on an amazing show, and for the Tulsa Reining Classic for allowing the NRBC to be here."

Paul Queen & Outta Dough - Int. Non Pro [1] Champion
Outta Dough has been a part of the Queen family for many years, and the 15-year-old stallion has amassed more than $77,000 in lifetime earnings. On Thursday, he added to that total when he marked a 144 with Paul Queen in the non pro classes. They topped the Int. Non Pro, and finished in the top five of the Non Pro.
"He did really well. He's one of those old horses that you have to school a little bit because they start to think for you. He's as true as can be all the time. It's a partnership we have," Queen said.
Queen and Outta Dough, by Gallo Del Cielo out of Dough Olena, will show again Sunday in the Non Pro Classic Challenge. "I thank Jared Leclair. He's made a real impact on me lately, and took me to another level. I also thank my mother who has always been there for me, and of course, I thank this horse," Queen said.

Sarah Armenta & Gun Smoke Dennis - Ltd. Non Pro [1] Co-Champion
Gun Smoke Dennis can lay down some monster stops, so the pattern chosen for the Non Pro classes was made for him. "He really thrives on run-ins since we can hit all four stops," noted Sarah Armenta, who piloted the gelding to a 143 to tie for the win of the Ltd. Non Pro [1].
Armenta rides with Casey Hinton and Jimmy Van der Hoeven. "They both told me to kick today. I can't kick to save my life," the 18-year-old said with a laugh.
Gun Smoke Dennis is by Lil Dry Peppy out of Gun Smoke Denise. Armenta noted that the 15-year-old gelding "Loves every type of food under the sun, and is really lazy."
Armenta will be showing again this week. "I"ll show again Sunday in the affiliate on him. Also, my mom made the Non Pro Level 4 finals tomorrow night, so I will be cheering for her," she said. "I thank the whole barn for helping me. I thank my parents for taking me to all the shows, and Robbie and Julia who gave me the awesome opportunity to buy this horse."

Kaylene Cunningham & Shiner Joe - Ltd. Non Pro [1] Co-Champion
It was Kaylene Cunningham and Shiner Joe's first big event together, and the two made it count, putting together a nice run that resulted in a 143. That tied them for the win of the Limited Non Pro. "The whole time he was with me. When I felt him under me I thought I could push him a little bit. He stayed with me," Cunningham shared.
Cunningham bought four-year-old Shiner Joe, by Lil Joe Cash out of Shiners Miss Lena, at the 2019 NRHA Futurity. "We've only been to two shows, and this is our third and biggest one," she said.
Cunningham, a high school junior, rides with Franco Bertolani of Cardinal Reining Horses. "I thank Franco for helping me and of course I thank my horse Joe," she said. "We'll show Saturday and Sunday in the youth and the other slate of non pro classes."

Bill Fingland Takes & Xtra Step On That - Prime Time Non Pro [1] Champion 
Bill Fingland showed Xtra Step On That in the Non Pro Classic preliminary round earlier in the week. Unfortunately, a bobble in the lead changes kept them out of contention. Fingland elected to show the colt in the Prime Time Non Pro [1] in the Mustang Arena, and the pair marked a 145.5 - the highest score of the day.
"I wanted to get the lead change right, and I was pleased we got that. This horse just kept stopping like he always has for me," he said.
Fingland has owned four-year-old Xtra Step On That, by Wimpys Little Step out of All That's Dun, for about a year. "Shawn Flarida trained this horse, and he has helped me with him immensely. I thank Shawn and all his crew who have made sure I got what I needed to get," Fingland said. "I also thank my family who has been very supportive of my craziness and the hours I put in here."

Nicole Baradat & Spooked Out Chex - Green Reiner Levels 1 & 2 [2] Champion
To say Nicole Baradat is excited is an understatement. On Thursday, she and her horse Spooked Out Chex won both levels of the Green Reiner classes with a 72. "This is a first for me. It's my first win at a horse show. This was my first year officially showing, and this is only my second show," she shared. "Today was fabulous. I have had lots of runs this week, and we've been putting it all together. I had a few unfortunate bobbles the other times I showed, so for it to all come together today is really sweet."
Baradat grew up riding horses in 4H, before transitioning to western pleasure. "I always loved the reiners and had friends who did it. When I grew up and was able to pick what I wanted to do, this was it," she said.
She noted that a lot of her success was because of her great mare, Spooked Out Chex, by Smart Spook out of Nu Tuf Lil Chex. "She's fabulous. She has been there and done that. I was lucky to pick her up last year," Baradat said. "She has taught me everything I know so far."
Baradat and Spooked Out Chex will show again in Friday's Rookie classes. "I thank my trainer Jordan Larson. He has gone above and beyond taking me on this year. I also thank everyone at his ranch. Thank you also to my husband, who is not a horse guy, for coming to all these shows. I have a lot of support," she said.

Kalicia Walters & Lady Gotta Gun - Green Reiner Levels 1 & 2 High Point Champion
She may not have had quite the run she wanted in the second slate of Green Reiner classes, but Kalicia Walters still managed to pull off the high point championship on Thursday. "We changed arenas, and that was a big change for me and my horse. We hadn't been in this pen at all, so she was kind of watchy," Walters explained. "We got it done though. I'm very excited to win the high point."
Walters is riding her mare Lady Gotta Gun, by Spooks Gotta Gun out of Ms Kiper Nic. "Tomorrow I will show in the Rookie classes. I'm really hoping my horse Pale Faced Whiz (ridden by Dany Tremblay), makes the Open Finals on Saturday," noted Walters. Her other Open Classic entry, Tinker With Dreams, is also ridden by Dany Tremblay, and the pair are currently sitting third in the Open preliminaries. "I thank the entire Tremblay team. They are all here showing, but they stopped what they were doing to come help me and watch me show. The entire team is awesome."

Day two of the horse show classes at the National Reining Breeders Classic in Tulsa, Oklahoma, saw more than 200 horses compete in the Mustang and Super Duty Arenas. While some exhibitors took advantage of the nice arenas to work their horses, most came to compete, marking great scores and setting themselves up for high point success.

Shauna Larcombe Wins Int. Open [1] on Shiners Chic

Shauna Larcombe and Shiners Chic competed as the final entry in the first slate of the Intermediate Open class in the Mustang Arena. That's because she was busy showing an Open Classic entry in the Ford Arena. "I has just finished showing in the Ford and I had to quickly saddle this horse and come over here. It was a bit of a quick turnaround," she said.

It didn't matter, because Larcombe and Shiners Chic, by Smart Chic Olena out of Ebony Shines, put together an impressive run, resulting in a score of 145. It added an additional $1,100 to the veteran gelding's lifetime earnings, which are now less than $1,000 away from $300,000. "He's 15 years old now, and he's probably the coolest horse on the planet," Larcombe said. "This horse is a legend and has been shown by the legends in this business over the years."
Owned by Rosanne Sternberg, Shiners Chic is now typically shown by her daughter Jessica. Unfortunately, the pandemic has changed that. "This is the first time I showed him. Jessica usually does, but she's stuck in Europe because of COVID-19, so I got the chance to ride him," Larcombe said. "He's easy to show. I just have to sit on his back and stay out of his way. I thank Rosanne for the opportunity to show this horse. I also thank Sean Pulley. He made the Non Pro Finals, so it's been great."

Naike Albert & Shesa Tinker Toy Win Ltd. Open [1]

With a score of 143.5, Naike Albert won the first slate of the Limited Open on Shes Tinker Toy. "She was with me the whole time, and a lot of fun to show. I am just very thankful to ride her," Albert said.
Shesa Tinker Toy, owned by Erin Meehan, is a five-year-old mare by Tinker With Guns out of Smartest Sister. "We bought her at the beginning of the year from Ruben Vandorp," she recalled. "I started showing her and we have learned to work with each other and she's doing really good. I placed when I showed her at the Derby, but I had started riding her two weeks before that and I didn't know her that well. Now I feel we are getting along really well."
Albert and her husband Brian Bell have a busy week ahead, with non pros and horses in the NRBC Classic. "I thank my husband, the owner, and the whole team behind Brian Bell Performance Horses," she said.

Wes Wetherell Ties for Win of Rookie Pro. [1] with Rock On Wimpy

It was only the second time for Wes Wetherell to show his wife Dana's four-year-old reiner Rock On Wimpy, but the duo put together a solid run to tie for the win of the first slate of the Rookie Professional.
"I'm very happy with him. It was fast, but we stayed on pattern, and my wife is happy," Wetherell said with a laugh.
Rock On Wimpy, by Wimpys Little Step out of Spot On Sassy, is doing double-duty for the Wetherell's at this event. "She showed him yesterday, and I'll show him again tomorrow," Wetherell said. "I'm planning to do the same thing we did today."

Summer Opinker and Lil Joes Hushmoney Tie for Win of Rookie Pro. [1]

Summer Opinker just began riding Lil Joes Hushmoney a few days before traveling to Tulsa for the NRBC, but that didn't stop the two from tying for the win of the Rookie Professional class. The pair marked a 141.5. "She was really good everywhere. It was a run-in pattern and she stopped really big for me," Opinker said. "She was with me the whole time, and it was a lot of fun."
Lil Joes Hushmoney, by Lil Joe Cash out of A Silent Affair, is owned by James Bart Hobbs. "This was the first time I showed her. She's a really nice mare," Opinker said. "I'll show her again tomorrow, and I'm just going to stick with what I did today because it worked out pretty well."

Jessicah Keller Wins Nov. Horse Non Pro Levels 2 and 3 [1] on Its Snippin Time

Riding her homebred mare Its Snippin Time, Jessicah Keller won dual classes in the Super Duty Arena. Her score of 145.5 garnered wins in Levels 2 and 3 of the Novice Horse Non Pro.
"Everything went exactly as planned." Keller, who rides with Todd Sommers, laughed and added, "I did exactly as I was told, which is something I struggle with."
Its Snipping Time is by Shine Big Time and out of Snip O Satellite. "We raised both this mare and her mother. I thank my mother who breeds and raises all these horses and gets them trained and allows us to show them. I thank Todd Sommers for helping me, my boyfriend Will for holding down the fort at home, and my sister who is actually running my trade show booth so I can show," Keller said.
Keller will show again Saturday in the Affiliate Regional Championships.
Tamra Kyle Pilots KR Smart Dreamer to Nov. Horse Non Pro Level 1 [1] Win

Pete and Tamra Kyle had a plan to show KR Smart Dreamer in several classes during the NRBC, hoping to get the talented four-year-old some more exposure to the show pen. They're sticking to the plan, and in the meantime, KR Smart Dreamer has accumulated two wins!
During Tuesday's Novice Horse Open classes, Pete and KR Smart Dreamer won Levels 1 and 2. On Wednesday, Tamra competed with the colt in the Novice Horse Non Pro classes, winning Level 1 with a score of 144. "When they open the gate, we're going to show him, so he gets to where he knows his job. He was really fun for me today," Tamra shared. "Pete did good for me. This horse went to the center and was super soft, and it was the best turnaround we've had to date."
KR Smart Dreamer is by Magnum Chic Dream and out of Smart Shiney Lena. "This colt is bred well, and he has a really good bottom side," she said. "We bred and raised him. He's been a really fun horse for us."
It won't be the last time for Tamra to show KR Smart Dreamer at the NRBC. "I will try to do some of the ARC stuff, and maybe qualify for that. I would like to get that done and go to the NRHA Futurity to compete in the NAAC," she said. "Of course, I thank Pete. He's done a great job on this colt. I also thank Casey Hinton who helped me his whole three-year-old year getting me back on a reiner, as well as Dan Huss who helped me out in Arizona."
Kalicia Walters Sweeps First Slate of Green Reiner Classes on Lady Gotta Gun

In Tuesday's Rookie classes, Kalicia Walters and Lady Gotta Gun put together a solid run. That confidence boost was all she needed to prepare for Wednesday's Green Reiner classes. She and her flashy mare executed a seamless run which resulted in a score of 143 to win both levels of the Green Reiner.
"I had a pretty good run yesterday, so I felt good in this pen. We came in and I just knew I wanted to hit my markers and do things precise," she said.
Walters rides with Dany Tremblay, and shared he gave her some solid advice before she went in the pen. "He told me not to be a chicken." She laughed, and added, "He also clucked at me as I rode by, and that put a little fire in me."
Walters has owned Lady Gotta Gun, by Spooks Gotta Gun out of Ms Kiper Nic, for more than a year. "She's five and I got her from Matt Mills. We started green together and worked our way up, and we're finally putting it all together," she said.
Walters and Lady Gotta Gun can't rest on their laurels; they're entering more classes this week. "I'm going to show in the Rookie classes again on Friday and we will see what happens. I'd really like to make the Yellowstone Rookie Shootout," she said. "I have a pretty good fan crew here. My family is all here with me this week, and they help me be positive and keep going."
The Walters family will have a lot to cheer for on Saturday, as one of Kalicia's horses, Tinker With Dreams, marked a 223 in the Open Preliminary round with Tremblay at the reins. "It's so much fun to watch that horse. He is just amazing, and gets better and better the more he shows," she said.

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