2021 AQHA Newsletter: A Year In Review

September 08, 2022

To our AQHA family around the globe, we hope that you and your families and friends are safe and well. As the 2021 year has come to an end, AQHA International reflects on how the Association overcame challenges amidst a tough year and experienced success in a variety of ways.  Without the help of AQHA’s international affiliates and members, 2021 would not have been as remarkable as it was. AQHA International cannot express enough gratitude to all who participated with AQHA International this year.

2021 European Championship of the American Quarter Horses
The 32nd European Championship was hosted in August 2021 in Kreuth, Germany. AQHA International was eager to join the excitement in person once again. In addition to providing international on-site member services and educational seminars, AQHA Director of International Activities Sierra Kane and previous AQHA Manager of Multilingual Resources and Communication Ashley Baller met with European affiliate leadership, including but not limited to representatives from Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, and more.

Kane was interviewed by Boris Kook about AQHA International, what programs are available to international members, AQHA’s role at the show and how people can get connected to AQHA. Watch her interview here!

AQHA International is excited to see what is in store for the 2022 European Championship of American Quarter Horses.

AQHA International On-Site Service Event in Verona, Italy 
at the 2021 Fieracavalli
2021 marked the 123rd Fieracavalli, an international horse fair that brings together more than 160,000 visitors from 64 different countries to celebrate a wide range of equine breeds and disciplines, including the American Quarter Horse.
From November 12-14, 2021, AQHA International participated in the Fieracavalli and hosted an on-site service booth in partnership with Associazione Italiana Quarter Horse, AQHA’s recognized international affiliate in Italy.
At the on-site service booth, attendees of the show were able to check the status of their pending AQHA work, transfer a horse, receive an updated printed certificate of registration, and obtain a free copy of the 2021 AQHA Rulebook. In addition to providing these services, AQHA International staff also hosted educational seminars throughout the event that taught customers how to properly complete AQHA forms and services, all of which were provided in Italian.
The future of the American Quarter Horse in Italy is bright!

2022 AQHA Canadian Summit
In 2022, AQHA International is pleased to invite AQHA members in Canada to the 2022 AQHA Canadian Summit, slated for March 25-27 in Brandon, Manitoba.
This event will take place at the Keystone Centre. Click here to reserve your spot for this event! Please RSVP by January 10.
AQHA is happy to offer a discounted rate with the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Brandon, Manitoba. Click here to reserve your room by February 25.

2022 AQHA European Summit
AQHA International is optimistic about hosting an in-person the 2022 AQHA European Summit in Vienna, Austria, in April in conjunction with the Federation of European Quarter Horse Associations (FEQHA).
AQHA will continue to monitor international travel restrictions. If travel and limited group meeting restrictions remain, AQHA will investigate modifying the 2022 AQHA European Summit format to take place virtually. An update will be shared in early 2022 as to whether this event will take place in-person or virtually.
Additional information and updates will be released on the AQHA International website and Facebook page.

Virtual AQHA International Member Services
AQHA International is always looking for ways to provide improved services for international members, which is what drove the initiative for Virtual AQHA International Member Services. To participate in a virtual on-site service event, members sign up for appointments to receive updates on work currently being processed by AQHA and submit new work prior to the appointment for specialized assistance. During an event, members received individualized services and education from an international department staff member or an AQHA Member Experience Professional. All AQHA paperwork can be reviewed including duplications and corrections, registrations, transfers, stallion breeding reports and genetic testing.
In March 2021, AQHA International hosted two virtual member service events, the first being with AQHA’s recognized international affiliate in Mexico, the Asociación Mexicana de Criadores y Caballistas de Caballos Cuarto de Milla. The second was hosted with the Panamá Quarter Horse Association, AQHA’s recognized international affiliate in Panama.
“I enjoyed being able to provide one-on-one support to our international members, offering assistance regarding any communication barriers they may have been facing and experiencing the passion for the American Quarter Horse breed on an international level,” said Citlali Carrillo, an AQHA Member Experience professional, who assisted with the Panama event.
AQHA International is so excited to have entered the realm of virtual on-site service events to meet the needs of our international membership during a time when in-person travel is uncertain. We look forward to continuing these virtual services in 2022 to continue to support you, our AQHA international members, and help make doing business with AQHA easier.

2022 AQHA Convention
We hope to see you at the 2022 AQHA Convention, taking place February 25-28, at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can find the tentative schedule here.  
The annual AQHA Convention is a chance for breeders, trainers, owners and horse lovers to talk about issues affecting the industry and discuss proposed changes to the way AQHA does business. In addition to attending membership, board of director and committee meetings, convention attendees will have the opportunity to attend the Affiliates In Motion Rally, plus mix and mingle with fellow horse enthusiasts during special events and receptions.
International members specifically will also have the opportunity to listen in on the AQHA International Committee meetings and attend the International Reception on Friday, February 25, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Central.

Certified Horsemanship Association
The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA), an AQHA alliance partner, is known for their excellence of professional and high-ranking industry standard resources as a non-profit membership association. CHA certifies riding instructors, accredits equine facilities, maintains an online database of instructors, publishes educational manuals and produces conferences for horse enthusiasts.
Formed in 1967, the purpose of CHA is to promote excellence in safety and education internationally for the horse industry. CHA serves leaders, instructors, trainers, riding program directors, clubs, riding stables, camps, colleges and recreational programs, in person and virtually! One exciting publication in 2021, was the release of the Level One Manual of Horsemanship in Spanish.
To view and purchase any of their educational manuals, webinars or many other resources, visit their website.

Photo Credit: Bine Šedivy

Quality Samples Program
The U.S. Livestock Genetics Export Inc. (USLGE) provides USDA grant dollars to AQHA to support Quality Samples Program (QSP) initiatives to provide export-ready semen from U.S. stallions, as well as educational opportunities with American professionals. QSP enables potential customers around the world to discover the quality and benefits of U.S. agricultural products.
In December 2021, AQHA Director of International Activities Sierra Kane and equine instructor at Sam Houston State University and doctorate candidate at Texas A&M University Rafael Martinez hosted technical educational seminars on artificial insemination with frozen semen through AQHA’s QSP in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Copenhagen, Denmark.
During the Slovenian QSP seminar, Kane recounts, “The clinic kicked off with a morning session in the classroom with Rafael teaching about artificial insemination with frozen semen and ending the day with live demonstrations on American Quarter Horse mares. Day two consisted of ranch visits around the countryside of Slovenia, which were fabulous.”
Special guest AQHA President Norman K. Luba and his wife, Dr. Lorraine Luba, were also in attendance for the QSP seminar in Denmark. In Kane’s words, “Due to their significant experience and insight into equine reproduction and genetics, it was wonderful having them in attendance.”
AQHA is excited for these QSP foals to hit the ground! Follow along the QSP adventure on the AQHA International Facebook page.

AQHA Forms Translated Just for You!
AQHA is proud to introduce a new multilingual resource library for international and domestic members that provides resources and materials in languages other than English.
AQHA International has been busy translating AQHA business forms, educational videos and other key resources into AQHA’s five core languages beyond English including French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Additionally, AQHA International is expanding a portion of its translated forms into Finnish, Slovenian, Danish and Czech.
Be on the lookout for additional translated resources in the future, all of which will be found in the AQHA International multilingual resource library. Check out all the current AQHA International Resources on our website!

Photo Credit: Ruben Nieto

Virtual International Educational Marketplace
In 2021, AQHA International facilitated 16 AQHA International Educational Marketplace Clinics in eight different languages. Topics ranged from reining, equine genetic diseases, trail, western riding and hunter under saddle, to judging pattern classes and more. AQHA had excellent clinicians including Clayton Edsall, Shannon Kerr and even Al Dunning, Bud Lyon, and Karen Graham who are current AQHA Professional Horsemen. Click here to learn more about the AQHA International Educational Marketplace Clinics that were offered in 2021!
According to an AQHA member Ruben Nieto (pictured above) of Panama, “I would like to say thank you very much for the [educational marketplace] course…It was my first AQHA reining course and I have received d a lot of very good information and video examples. Please continue giving us other courses like this!”
AQHA is thrilled to offer in-person and virtual clinic opportunities in 2022. Apply for round 1 by January 31, 2022. Click here to access the application.

By AQHA Press Release