Plus Online Sales: Combining the Convenience of Internet Sales and the Auction Atmosphere

As live auctions are postponed and pivoted to online due to the current worldwide health situation, Plus Online Sales is one step ahead. Since 2017 the innovative company’s goal has been to take the online livestock buying experience further by combining the convenience of internet sales with the excitement and exposure of a large, active audience in an auction atmosphere.

Each sale offers a small, select number of consignments from the most reputable breeders, trainers, and owners in the livestock industry. All sellers are approved and consignments are screened and accurately represented.

Each lot features basic pedigree information, as well as performance records and veterinary history, including radiographs.
·      Buyers can view photos and videos of each horse, and are always encouraged to email us with any additional questions they may have.
·      When possible, buyers are welcomed to visit sale horses on-site, in their current location, provided they coordinate an appointment with the seller.
·      All radiographs are uploaded to the Asteris image database and are accessible to licensed veterinarians with valid login information.
Customized Sales
Plus Online Sales offers sellers the opportunity to produce a single-agent online sale.
Whether you are a breeder/fitter looking to promote your program, or an owner ready to downsize, we can develop a customized online auction to fit your needs.
Plus Online Sales would manage all the listings, according to information provided, and connect buyers directly with the agent, if requested, to maintain a simple and transparent buying environment.
Plus Online Sales also assists in all online marketing and promotion of animals listed via website, electronic communications, Facebook and Instagram.
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Stallion Service Auctions
With us you can shop online for breedings to leading performance stallions.

Click here, or on the cover, to view the current 2020 High Roller Reining Classic Stallion Service Auction – ‘Buy it Now’
Cattle Auctions
Shop online for breeding stock and show prospects offered by leading breeders in the cattle industry.

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Founders, Alex Ramos and Thiago Boechat each have over 25 years’ experience in many areas of the horse industry, including breeding, training, marketing, and the import and export of reining, race and barrel horses. Feel free to email with any queries you may have at
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Plus Online Sales brings the convenience and innovation of online sales to the horse and cattle industry.

By International Horse Press