DQHA Takes Steps Toward Realignment with AQHA

DQHA Takes Steps Toward Realignment with AQHA Photo by ©AQHA.com

Under new leadership, the Deutsche Quarter Horse Association makes realignment with AQHA a top priority.

In a series of meetings and votes between March and August 2020, the Deutsche Quarter Horse Association (DQHA) membership made clear its intention to take the necessary steps to realign as an affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association, the world’s largest equine breed organization.

On February 15, AQHA terminated its relationship and its affiliate agreement with DQHA, which served as the AQHA affiliate in Germany. This separation was driven by the inability to reach an agreement with the DQHA board on topics of security and sharing of AQHA data, as well as AQHA’s position as studbook of origin for the American Quarter Horse.
On August 1, during an extraordinary meeting of the DQHA membership, a new board was elected to lead DQHA toward this realignment. On August 18, newly elected DQHA President Thomas Dixon provided AQHA with a signed data-share agreement and notified AQHA that modifications have been made to the DQHA breeding program to change DQHA’s status from a studbook of origin to a daughter studbook of AQHA and that those modifications had been formally submitted to the local German competent authority. These monumental steps not only position DQHA for potential realignment as an AQHA affiliate, but also create clarity for the American Quarter Horse market across Europe.
“We are grateful to the newly elected board for working so quickly to take these steps toward realignment with AQHA,” said Anna Morrison, AQHA chief international officer. “AQHA and the DQHA board now share a common goal: to work together to support American Quarter Horse breeders and owners in Germany to the best of our ability.”

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