Mauney family welcomes birth of Jagger Briggs

Mauney Family Mauney Family Photo Courtesy PBR
January 27, 2019

Jagger Briggs Mauney has many years to go before he has to even consider becoming a bull rider, but his father – two-time World Champion J.B. Mauney – could not help but laugh after he and his wife, Samantha, celebrated the birth of their son Wednesday morning.

Little Jagger Briggs came out of the womb looking for 90 points as he was holding his umbilical cord as if it was a bull rope, J.B. said with a laugh Friday before the start of the Sacramento Invitational. 

Jagger Briggs Mauney was born at 4:21 a.m. Wednesday. 

J.B. admitted he was at first a little worried when doctors informed him and Samantha that Jagger’s heart rate was dropping when Samantha was in labor. 

“He kind of scared us there a little bit,” J.B. said. “Every time she was having contractions pushing, his heart rate was dropping. They said the cord was probably wrapped around him somewhere. It all happened pretty quick luckily. They gave her an epidural and a couple hours later he was born.”

That is when the Mauneys saw their son, who may one day be knowns as J.B. Jr., was doing his best impression of his father already.

“When he came out, the doctor said, ‘Will you look at this?’ 

“I look over there and it wasn’t wrapped around anywhere. He had a hold of the umbilical cord in his hand squeezing it. That was what it was pinching it off. He was doing it himself. 

“I was like, ‘That is about right. He is coming into this world already being a little shit.’”
Samantha added via text, “Yes! How funny is that?”
J.B. left for Sacramento on Friday morning straight from the hospital, where his gear bag was by his side in the hospital room, but both mother and son are at home healthy and resting. 

“Everyone is healthy and everything is looking good,” J.B. said. “We are ready to rock n roll.” 

Mauney was later bucked off by Not My Child in 6.97 seconds during Round 1 on Friday night. 

The Mooresville, North Carolina, cowboy has drawn Hawaiian Bond (5-3, UTB) for Round 2 on Saturday. 

Fans can watch the action on CBS Sports Network at 10 p.m. ET and RidePass at 9:45 p.m. ET.

Mauney admitted it is hard coming to come ride at the Golden 1 Center, but that he understands his job is what will ultimately provide a better opportunity for his family. 

“Samantha understands,” J.B. said. “She knows. This is what we do for a living, and we have to make a living riding bulls. And the way I have been riding, I need to make a living riding bulls. That is part of it. She knows that, and I got to ride. 
“It was kind of hard (Thursday) night. She went to take a shower and me and him were sound asleep on that couch when she came out.”

Jagger Briggs is Mauney’s first son, and he is excited to raise him along with his daughter, Bella.  
“I am pretty pumped,” he concluded.

By Justin Felisko -