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2022 European Paint Horse Championship

2022 European Paint Horse Championship Photo by APHA/Paint Horse Journal
August 14, 2022

The 2022 EURO PAINT, the 22nd European Paint Horse Championship and the biggest Paint Horse Show outside the USA, will be held on August 21-28, 2022 in Rieden Kreuth, Germany. The Euro Paint has been one of the biggest APHA shows right after the World Show in the USA for years!

The five-judge show offers classes for Novice Youth/Youth, Novice Amateur/Amateur and Open riders. Additionally, the schedule includes the PHCG Futurity and Maturity classes, the Nations Cup, and the 2022 Youth World Games.
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PHCG Futurity/Maturity – Prize Money 28.800 €
With the highest prize money in the last five years, the Futurity and Maturity classes will start this year at the Euro Paint. As of July 31, 72 entries have been received in the show office for the various classes. Every APHA registered Paint Horse is eligible for the Futurity and Maturity classes, provided that the owner and exhibitor is a member of the PHCG and that the sire was registered in the PHCG Futurity and Maturity program the year before his birth. Furthermore, the horses must be born in Europe.

Nations Cup
Each nation is allowed to enter one team. A team may also be created by riders from different nations if they don’t have enough riders for their own team. The cup consists of five classes.


The Youth World Games
Postponed in 2020 and held virtually in 2021, the APHA Youth World Games is back live and in person with six teams and nearly 30 youth members competing for national pride and bragging rights. Teams from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Slovakia, the United States, and a United Team representing Austria, Italy, and the Netherlands will compete August 21-25 during the 2022 European Paint Horse Championship in Kreuth, Germany.
Offered biannually, APHA’s Youth World Games is the ultimate test of horsemanship skills in a fun, friendly, and international competition. Each country can enter one team with four exhibitors and an alternate. Exhibitors randomly draw a borrowed horse to show in one of four classes—showmanship, western horsemanship, hunt-seat equitation, and ranch riding—with only 30 minutes to practice. Awards are presented in each class as well as to top teams overall.

Follow the APHA Youth World Games on Facebook and join us as we cheer for:
• Czech Republic
◦ Ema Zajacova – Horsemanship
◦ Nikol Pavlicova – Showmanship
◦ Katerina Brunova – Equitation
◦ Anna Palasova – Ranch Riding
◦ Martina Svecova – Alternate

• France
◦ Fleurine Maras – Horsemanship
◦ Camille Brisard – Showmanship
◦ Sixtine Toubon – Equitation
◦ Alicia Kalakun – Ranch Riding
◦ Jade Pen – Alternate

• Germany
◦ Clara Maurer – Horsemanship
◦ Lea Klink – Showmanship
◦ Mia Lehmann – Equitation
◦ Chiana Koehler – Ranch Riding
◦ Larissa Hahn – Alternate

• Slovakia
◦ Eva Vantoortelboom – Horsemanship
◦ Markéta Franeková – Showmanship
◦ Anna Šaryová – Equitation
◦ Valentína Pellerová – Ranch Riding

• Team United (Austria, Italy and the Netherlands)
◦ Joanna Salleger – Horsemanship
◦ Verena Zanchetta – Showmanship
◦ Emilia Barban – Equitation
◦ Kevin Holthuijsen – Ranch Riding

• United States
◦ Riley Francis – Horsemanship
◦ Nyeah Krasnow-Osorio – Showmanship
◦ Abigail Zawisza – Equitation
◦ Cody Dulin – Ranch Riding

About APHA
The American Paint Horse Association is the world’s second-largest international equine breed association, registering more than a million horses in 59 nations and territories since it was founded in 1962. APHA promotes, preserves and provides meaningful experiences with Paint Horses.

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