Tuesday, 03 November 2020 10:34

AQHA International Best Remuda Award

AQHA honors ranches that raise outstanding ranch horses and whose horses have made contributions to the heritage of the American Quarter Horse by awarding the AQHA Best Remuda and International Best Remuda awards. Apply by November 30!

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During a meeting on September 15, the AQHA Executive Committee considered an application for affiliate status from Deutsche Quarter Horse Association (DQHA), which served as the AQHA affiliate in Germany for more than 40 years until its affiliate status was terminated on February 15, 2020. This separation was driven by the inability to reach agreement with the DQHA board on topics of security and sharing of AQHA data, as well as AQHA’s position as studbook of origin for the American Quarter Horse.

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AQHA International launches new virtual educational marketplace clinics to bring American Quarter Horse education to all international membership regions.
AQHA International recognizes that even amid a global pandemic, our members are still eager for educational opportunities to learn more about American Quarter Horse health, riding, anatomy and more. To make education more accessible to international members, AQHA is excited to bring educational resources directly to those members through an online learning platform. This will allow even more AQHA enthusiasts around the globe to engage with AQHA and industry professionals.

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Under new leadership, the Deutsche Quarter Horse Association makes realignment with AQHA a top priority.

In a series of meetings and votes between March and August 2020, the Deutsche Quarter Horse Association (DQHA) membership made clear its intention to take the necessary steps to realign as an affiliate of the American Quarter Horse Association, the world’s largest equine breed organization.

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It’s finally done: on August 18 at 12 a.m., the new DQHA President Thomas Dixon signed the amendment of the statute for the German Quarter Horse Association before a notary. So that, from now on, the "AQHA Breeding Stud Book" will be kept as guideline instead of the previously used ”Original Breeding Stud Book ".

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Sunday, 28 June 2020 09:10

New AQHA Classes Available

Six new classes, designed to enhance the member experience, are now available and will be offered at upcoming AQHA-approved shows.

The American Quarter Horse Association launches six new classes, which were member-driven initiatives voted on at past AQHA conventions and on hold pending computer programming. Each class was designed to enhance the showing experience by providing more opportunities for skill development and to build on other classes already offered at shows.

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AQHA Executive Committee approves modifications to frequently touched surfaces, including the mandatory gate obstacle in trail and Versatility Ranch Horse trail and the obstacle drag in open, cowboy and amateur VRH trail, until further notice to protect the safety of exhibitors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The AQHA Executive Committee and AQHA leadership are currently evaluating protocols and recommendations to implement when local, state and federal mandates are lifted and the impact of any new guidelines on AQHA shows and programs. The Executive Committee recently approved waiving the gate as a mandatory obstacle in trail, AQHA Rule SHW 466.1, and Versatility Ranch Horse trail, in addition to the obstacle drag in open, cowboy and amateur VRH ranch trail, AQHA Rule SHW561.7.

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Dr. Glenn Blodgett has been selected to join the individuals and horses who will be inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame at the 2021 AQHA Convention in San Antonio.

Induction into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame is the highest industry honor that can be bestowed upon a human or equine. Those chosen for induction are recognized for their lifetime of accomplishments and service.

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Wednesday, 06 May 2020 07:51

2020 YES Goes Virtual

To protect the health and safety of attendees and staff, the 2020 Bank of America Youth Excellence Seminar is transitioning to a virtual platform.

All American Quarter Horse Youth Association members and nonmembers, ages 10 to 18, are invited to attend the virtual 2020 Bank of America Youth Excellence Seminar!

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For the first time, The Ohio Quarter Horse Association (OQHA) is proud to announce that the All American Quarter Horse Congress (AAQHC) will host two separate Western youth draw-based competitions beginning with the Youth Equestrian Development Association (YEDA) on Wednesday, October 7, 2020 and Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) on Thursday, October 8, 2020 in Columbus, Ohio.

With this partnership, OQHA will cross-promote with YEDA and IEA in a variety of methods that will benefit all three organizations to reach their goals.

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